Update Notes for June 22nd, 2009

The highly anticipated Guilds update has arrived!  This update also includes new content, take a look!

Mysterious incidents are happening across the land. Help out any of these people, and jump in the middle of the adventure:

  • A Royal Courier is in trouble in Greenwood Forest
  • Impress Sal Monella at Blackspore, and see where the next adventure takes you
  • Henry Farnum has trouble with the local hooligans
  • If you rescue Starshine's child, she will have another task for a hero like you
  • Help Sorin out near the Bat Caves, and see where he'll send you to, or
  • Complete Ceard Bauchlog's task for further instructions
  • * (If you have already helped them out, return to them for another task!)

Quests & Collections & New Content

  • Guilds!  Gather your friends and be one of the first to start a guild!  Talk to players in your guild using /gu


  • Watch how your Pets react to wandering encounters differently based on their disposition


  • When viewing Pets in the Marketplace you'll be able to read about their personality before you purchase them
  • Check out the new tool tips in the Claim Window of the Marketplace



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