For the Sake of the Children

When does being protective become restrictive?  It's a question many parents struggle with.  In SOE's new smash hit MMO Free Realms the chat filter is pretty strict, which makes a lot of sense as the game is rated E10+ and is advertised on “tweener” television like Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel.  Player chat freedoms are also restricted by age: registrants under a certain age can't chat at all, but only use pre-set communications.

In this day of Chris Hansen busting internet predators and kids who are often more knowledgeable than their parents about the internet and gaming, such built in protections are necessary.  Maybe every other player isn't trying to make your kid take your credit card and meet them in Tallahassee, but I wouldn't let my 6 year old hang out in some chat channels in EverQuest II or WoW.  Having designed a public, free MMO for kids where 75% of registrants are under the age of 17, SOE has to tread on the side of caution.  As an over-protective Mom, I approve. 

The chat filter catches some odd things.  At the Beta wrap party I discovered that "Smedley" is filtered; John Smedley is the CEO of SOE.  "Bitte", which is German for "please", gets caught. "Engine" comes through as "#####e".   "AIDS" is filtered, but not "gay". 

This last week numbers were added to the filter.  Not just numerals, but their written equivalents.  Apparently someone was seen soliciting a phone number in game.  Not only does this prevent you from saying "everyone" and "someone", but it has caused some game play issues because of ingame items  with numbers in their names.  And many Free Realms players posting on the official forums are a bit upset about it.  Jason "Pex" Ryan, SOE Free Realms Community Manager, has posted on their forums: "We will look at advanced options, but for now this a change we made to prevent the sharing of personal information. We've already seen people trying to elicit phone numbers from other players and that just isn't something we're willing to risk at this point. Yes, yes, there are always ways around it. We can only do what we can do and improve the tool over time."

Interestingly the discussion among adult Free Realms players seems to land more on the game play issue than on censorship or freedom of speech.  They've come into the game knowing it was designed as an E10+ game, and have been tolerant of the filter's idiosyncrasies until it interrupted their play.

Our wikibase administrator Bludwyng and I disagree on the filter being used to "protect" children. "I do not expect SOE or anyone but ME to teach my child the difference between right and wrong," he told me.  I agree with that, but also think that any thing or place designed for children should be safe for kids.  I expect playgrounds to have 12 inches of soft gravel fill and Nickelodeon to not run Law and Order.  Free Realms, being designed for the younger set, should have some inherent protections from the nastier side of the internet.

One can only hope they do find a better solution than filtering all occurrences of numbers.  MMOs, by definition, are social games, and it's hard to be social when you can't make a coherent sentence.  SOE has tasked itself with finding the fine line between baby-sitting the world's children and making a fun safe place for them to play.


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They want to censor words and numbers, BUT a lot of the girls clothing is very risque...way too showy. I am sure I am not the only one who has had their character hit on...which is completely stupid in IMO...I mean it's an AVATAR! How come in collections they give guys stuff that covers their bodies but the girls get skimpy short shorts that can pass as underwear and a midriff-showy shirt? If this game is intended for younger users they should definitely change that and stop being so sexist. If I had a daughter and knowing how a lot of guys act in this game, I know I wouldn't want to have these clothes available to her character as it can only lead to problems.
Gamemasters to make sure chat does not get out of hand?
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hmm i would like the idea of Game Masters or GM being able to monitor the main chat in case someone is being abusive or putting down someone else and the ability to report someone for harassment or misconduct.
I saw this coming why didn't SOE
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I think most adults who think about it will agree that they wouldn't want their young children hanging out in most MMO general chats either. That said, I'm surprised SOE did not address this issue better at the planning stages. I was surprised when I set up my daughters account that there weren't more tools available make the game suitable for their children. Other games marketed at this age group have things like parent approved friends, ability for parents to block chat except between friends etc. Surely this problem could have been predicted and addressed at the design phase... or maybe SOE just doesn't have the experience at this market to anticipate these problems.
I saw this coming why didn't SOE
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I quite agree with you, Cerrena. If this is their target audience, they needed to plan more thoroughly in advance. I'm the "designated net granny" for a group of friends, since I'm an old RPG and then MMO player, and am savvy enough about them to be the "opinion of choice." The good news is that I get to play right along with the kids; the bad news is that I see firsthand exactly what all three of you are mentioning above. Personally, I love the game, and think it's a wonderful addition to the much needed family friendly online entertainment category. However, that being said, it does need some fixing in a number of areas; marketing shouldn't trump safety or playability.
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