Update Notes for May 29th

Last night's patch brought us a few of Members Only quests and Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.  Click "more" to see the notes.

Members Only - Quests and In World Minigames

  • TCG
    • If you've reunited the cardie crew, Sam Potts has a new challenge for you!

  • Seaside
    • Slinky thinks he's got a cute for the hiccups. Want to help him test it out?  
    • If you can catch him, Wernald needs help by his house.

  • Durango Zoo
    • Zannia Sugarzing is offering a sweet reward for anyone willing to help her out.

  • Snowhill
    • Jonathon Forkpath is looking for the next hero to take up his place as "Protector of Snowhill"|

  • Wugachug
    • Wootmoot is looking for those with musical talent for additional help! (Special Members Only quest at the end of the quest line.)


  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.


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