Free Realms Hits 2 Million Players

A flurry of Twitters from John Smedley and other SOE employees announced it early this morning:  less than 30 days from its launch Free Realms has over 2 million registered players.

"In less than a month, Free Realms has captivated a core player base of tween and teen gamers, while also strongly resonating with MMO gamers," said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. "We wanted to create a game to play with our families and are excited to have hit the mark with our intended audience."

According to the SOE Press release the hot MMO is a hit with non-traditional demographics, and has hit its target niche firmly.  75% of its registrants under age 17 and 46% under 13, and nearly a third of the players are female.

The ZAM Free Realms site is also constantly growing and can boast a strong community of volunteer contributors, boasting almost 2000 articles that range from quest walk-throughs to videos and maps.  Join us on our forums or in IRC Chat!


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