Update notes for May 20/21

Last night's update included a whole bunch of Member-Only quests, a Bristlewood warpstone, and some welcome video tweaks.  Click More to see the complete notes.


  • There are new members only combat, non-combat and collection quests added across the world (see below for details).

  • Bristlewood now has its own warpstone

  • Added in several new in-world minigames to Seaside

  • Pets will stay happy, clean and fed for longer and will also find collection and mining nodes more often

  • We've continued to optimize video card performance to allow lower end cards to have higher frames per second in game

Members Only Quests have been added to the following areas:

Merry Vale:

  • Ronnie Britesmile is not allowed to play until he finishes his chores. He might give you something cool if you give him a hand!
  • If you've already found Mugwopp for Blorple at the Greenwood Camp, he'll have a new task for you.


  • Recruit Agga afraid of getting lost in the hedge maze. Help him piece together a map.

Farnum's Farm:

  • Rucks, the farmhand, has thrown down the gauntlet and has a series of challenges for skilled harvesters. Dare you take him on?

Pixie Nursery:

  • Blazing Star and Flax thought that if they put a collar on their pet fish, no one would take it from the pond, but it's gone now! Help them find out what happened.


  • Tugaboom would like a brave fighter to help him solve the rebelling Bixie problem.

Shrouded Glade:

  • Cella Cedernook found a baby penguin and need help caring for it. "*Squeel!* It's so cute!"
  • Meanwhile, Emil Jadefish and friend had a little boating accident. They could really use a hand!
  • Tald Daybreaker's friend is lost up in Misty Mountains. Are you brave enough to rescue him?


  • Auralie wants to invite the queen to her next party, but is too shy to ask. Can you help her deliver the invitation?
  • Feldman wants to be a famous journalist, but need help gathering more information for a story he's working on.

Blackspore Swamp:

  • Sirdo "Squirrel Chaser" is embarrassed about his nickname. Would you be willing to help him out so he can overcome his bad reputation?


  • Rainchaser has more challenges for you.
  • Kendall, the lifeguard, needs someone quick to help him out.
  • Mr. Mudd is sickened by the trash on the beach, but has a fun way of cleaning it up.

New combat quests:
If you're a member see if you can help out the following people:

  • Spruce Waynehammer's pet, Robin, keeps getting lost in the Bat Caves.
  • Susy Cloudrunner by the Briar Patch has a big bear problem.
  • Yuri Petaldancer by the rebelling Bixie Hive wants to taste what royal honey is like.
  • Blari wants to cure the sickly saplings in Bristlewood Glade, but isn't strong enough to fight off the creatures there.
  • Vasher claims he'd like to recover some old explorer bones from Cracked Claw Caverns so he can give them a proper burial.
  • Buttercup Webbywand's spider was kidnapped by trolls in Grexan's Camp.
  • Help Puck Petalpucker near Misty Mountain ace his science project.
  • Johnny has an idea for you to try out at the Mushroom Cavern.
  • Jimmy Squarefeet's snowman friend has been kidnapped! Seek him out in Snowy Canyon.
  • Jenny Greenteeth wants to plant some friendly plants in Treeleaf's Retreat.



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