Today at ZAM Free Realms

Over the weekend we held a Collection Trading Party!  Except for temporarily killing the server, it was a success and we'll be having more.  Everyone is welcome to these.

We had over 800 edits over the weekend!  CreepTheProphet worked on pages of Station Cash Pet Equipment.  Jonru, DarkCatSWG and nightphoenix added to our Collections knowledge.  Katoan worked on Seaside Quests.  Nimrook worked on our TCG Guide.  Tanliel and Elchax added Blacksmith quests.  Hironobu added to Medic information.  Tanliel added some pets

FredrickWeasley added some Shrouded Glade Quests and Warrior quests.  Monthigos added some Battles.  TeddySilentdream worked on the Archer job.  psycosword contributed to the Wizard job and quests.  MageGriff cound a new Free Claim Code!

The ZAM Free Realms staff has been all over the site, but I especially wanted to point out the Adoption Centers and this cool Pet Guide Amnesty has been working on!


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