Weekly News Recap: May 17, 2009

Monday may be just around the corner, but you can still check out all of the exclusive features and noteworthy news articles that have been posted on ZAM this past week. You can find more links after the jump.

ZAM features

The Endless Forest: Oh Deer: Is The Endless Forest a relaxing experience or just lacking content? Sam "azerian" Maxted investigates.

We Dream of Genie: The newest update to Perfect World International includes genies, and we talked with Product Manager Jonathan Belliss to get all the details.

Gunz Online: Fast, Intense and... What Else?: Christopher "Pwyff" Tom checked out this MMORPG/FPS hybrid to see if the game is packed with anything besides adrenaline. Pwyff wasn't too impressed. Find out why in his editorial.

MapleStory: Still Worth Playing?: MapleStory just celebrated its fourth anniversary, so azerian decided to venture into the game's virtual world to see what's changed over the years.

Rub Our Exclusive Media Lamp: We got an exclusive look at the genies introduced in the newest Perfect World International update. Check out the screenshots to see what they look like.

EverQuest II Dev Chat Logs: The ZAM team recently held an IRC chat with EQII developers. You can read the chat logs to see what was discussed, including information on GU 52.

Pikko on Community Team Podcast Tour!: Our very own Pikko participated in the Square Enix Community Team Podcast Tour and discussed live events in Final Fantasy XI.

Noteworthy news articles

First Batch of BlizzCon Tickets Sell Out: The first batch of tickets sold out in about 30 minutes. If you'd still like to attend the convention, you'll have another chance to buy tickets when the second batch goes on sale on May 30.

Terrazas Introduced as New EQ Producer: Thom Terrazas has been selected to replace Clint Worley, who left the EverQuest team about two weeks ago.Terrazas started his career in Norrath as one of the first GMs in EverQuest on the Tunare Server.

Stealth Detection Reduced or Removed on Many Items: Blizzard has nerfed a bunch of items in World of Warcraft in regards to stealth detection.

Free Realms Hits 1 Million Registered Users: The new kid-friendly SOE game has hit this milesteone a mere 17 days after launch.

Warrior Epic Launch Date is May 19 in NA, Europe: Get ready to take control of a Warrior Hall when this new MMO launches on Tuesday.

RoM Tops 1 Million Users; Client Will be Streamed: Runes of Magic has surppased one million registered users in the United States and Europe. Also, Frogster America has partnered with BitRaider to stream the client so users can begin to play the game in minutes.

Survey Suggests Payment Plan for Xbox LotRO: GameDaily has found on online gaming survery that suggests Lord of the Rings Online is coming to the Xbox 360 and may have a monthly subscription fee of $12.99 a month, although this has not been verified.

Studio Head Leaves Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment: Dan Elggrens is leaving Stargate Worlds and heading to Gazillion Entertainment. Rod Nakamoto, senior vice president of product development, will be taking over for Elggrens at CME.

New Expansion: Going Rogue: NCsoft has announced its second expansion for City of Heroes and it will involve Praetoria, a parallel world featuring evil clones of some of City of Heroes' signature characters.

Wintergrasp Daily Quest Changes: Blizzard has made it so dailies in World of Warcraft's Wintergrasp will now be held once a week.

Video Tour of Eltnen: NCsoft has released its newest video tour for Aion, and this one focuses on the Eltnen zone.

Project Powder Launched: Outspark's snowboarding MMO is now live and its micropayment store is now open for business.

BlizzCon 2009 Pet Announced: Blizzard has announced that anyone attending BlizzCon 2009 - or purchasing the pay-per-view event - will receive the exclusive in-game pet Grunty, the murloc marine.


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