Weekly News Recap: May 3, 2009

As per usual, this post contains all of our exclusive features for the past week, as well as all of our noteworthy news stories. Perhaps the most exciting news for us here at ZAM is the launch of our new Free Realms site to coincide with the release of Sonly Online Entertainment's kid-friendly game. Keep reading below and after the jump for all of the links.

ZAM Features

ZAM Launches Free Realms Site: We are happy to announce that our newest game portal is dedicted to SOE's ground-breaking new MMORPG, which just launched on April 28.

Free Realms: A Fresh New Direction for MMORPGs: If you're on the fence about whether you'd like to try out Free Realms, check out Christopher "Pwyff" Tom's review.

Total Customization: Craig Zinkievich, executive producer of Star Trek Online, has written an exclusive letter to the ZAM community about how ship customization will function within the game.

Five Years of Heroes: We spoke with C.W. Bennett, a senior engineer at Paragon Studios, about how it feels to have City of Heroes reach the fifth-anniversary mark.

Games Within Games: Sam "azerian" Maxted discusses why unrelated mini-games in MMORPGs, such as Peggle and Bejeweled, can help make downtime more enjoyable.

Tips to Becoming a Better MMORPG-er!: Pwyff offers his list of five ways you can go from an average MMO player to an awesome one.

EverQuest II Sweepstakes Continues: You have until May 7 to enter in our EQII contest simply by participating in our community.

Alternate Uses for Gnomes: azerian knows gnomes are annoying creatures, so he thought of 10 more efficient uses for the race.

Nomad Moogle Victorious After Eggsplosive Battle!: That's right, yolks! After almost two months of eggscruciating yet eggsilirating egg jokes, Lahurah of Seraph's Nomad Moogle has emerged victorious in our Final Fantasy XI contest.

Noteworthy news articles

51/50 Rules Set Wins Poll; Worley Leaves Team: The results are in, and 51/50 has been chosen as the rules set for the new EverQuest anniversary server. From the comments we've received, it seems many of our readers aren't happy with the outcome. What do you think?

'Ask Cryptic' Discusses Maps, Racial Traits: The newest Star Trek Online Q&A session includes a ton of information, including a description of what the maps will look like as you travel through space.

Adventurer Appreciation Campaign Returns!: To celebrate the 7th Anniversary of Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix has announced the return of the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign. The event starts May 12.

Dev Video Gives Tour of 4 Playable Planets: Watch this video to learn all about the worlds of Tython, Korriban, Hutta and Ord Mantell in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Patch 3.1.2 Now on PTR: Minor content patch 3.1.2 is now on the PTR for World of Warcraft, and it includes the new art textures for Argent Dawn mounts and the equipment manager.

Game Update 9 Launches with New Structures: The newest patch for Star Wars Galaxies is now live and includes the addition of eight new structures that can all be colored by the owner.

New Ultima Online Expansion Coming this Summer: Stygian Abyss, the newest expansion for Ultima Online, will revolve around the the Gargoyles, a new playable race.

Issue 15 Announced; Contests Under Way: In honor of City of Heroes' fifth birthday, the upcoming free content update will be called "Anniversary." Also, you have until May 19 to show your creativity in two contests.

SOE Reveals Doomsday in DC Universe Online: The killer of Superman will be in the MMORPG based in the DC Comics universe. Will you be fighting against Doomsday alongside Superman, or will you be helping Luthor battle the heroes to nab Doomsday and turn him into a soldier of destruction?

Lineage II Expansion Launches Today: Gracia Final, the latest free expansion for Lineage II, is now live. The game is also celebrating its 5-year anniversary!

Champions Online Coming to PCs July 14: It looks like there's only a little more than two months left until you'll be creating your own super hero on your PC.

Give Back to Orphans During Children's Week: The Children's Week event is under way in World of Warcraft, and you have until May 7 to enjoy the festivities.


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