SOE Booklet Says Gaming Can Benefit Kids

Sony Online Entertainment has released a brochure entitled "Let the Kids Game " that attempts to demonstrate to parents that video games, such as the family friendly Free Realms, can be beneficial for children. The booklet uses third-party research, surveys and expert testimony to show games can actually be used a social tool and have the capability to bring families closer together.

According to the brochure, video games are related to improvements in vision, social interaction and visuospatial cognition; playing games together can forge stronger family ties between parent and child, and between siblings; and people who play online games often emerge as leaders.

You can download the booklet from the SOE Web site or What They Play, a site that acts a family guide to video games. While downloading the brochure, you can also enter a giveaway at What They Play to win an Alienware notebook and a one-year membership to Free Realms. The giveaway ends May 15.


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they forgot the negatives to online games
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I am guessing that they made this all positive. In fact they pointed out that it helps with skills to get potential jobs in the future. They also pointed out that there has been no evidence of any negatives from playing games, violence wise. What they don't say is that some kids will skip school to game versus finishing school and getting that diploma that they will need for that job. Yes, I've seen it and heard it from the youth I deal with.

They also don't say that there is filthy language out there, constantly, and that that references to sex are often the topic of the day. This can make it intimidating to females. (Yes, some girls like to game too. We aren't all into hair and nails nor are the ones that like to game, homosexuals. So refrain from those remarks.)

Filthy Language...Yes, there are language filters, yes they can be used. But when every other word is @#^&% your brain pretty much can figure out that the other person has a potty mouth. Most filters are also not customizable.

OH How I would love to see (customization of filters) this so I could filter out stuff like this... If I type F U the filter doesn't catch it. I could also type cRa p or azz and the filters won't catch it. yes, most people may not think this is bad language but in the real world where I live and work that constant bombardment of filth enters the subconscious and then I get to hear it from the youth that I deal with. Along with the I'm gonna beat you up, kill ya etc. because they are playing the games. They may not actually do that (beat/kill the other kid) but the intention is such that those are the first things out of their mouths when they react to a situation. (When their defenses go up.) This is not making a good person for our future society. It seems like its creating angry young people.

I don't want to hear... the well, you don't have a kid line from anyone. Yes, I also have a child and as of yet I do not know if I will allow her to play online games. She wants to, because it looks cool, bright lights, and lots of action but she is not yet quite coordinated to handle the controls. She can barely handle her little leapster and its learning tools/games. Its also the negative of the on customization of the filter that gets me and especially those who have to be smartbuts and work around the filters like I used in the example above.

Yes, ultimately its up to the parents and they said that, but at the same time those who make these games need to realize is that there needs to be better controls in place. (filter customizations)

Yes, I have tested Free Realms, it seems rather boring to me but then again I am an adult and its based for a kid. Still with that in mind, all the above will occur. But I also thing that with the positive's listed they should also list some of the negatives that could occur in a gaming community.

That's like saying that YouTube is a clean place or that naked pictures of kids aren't being sent around in text messages. This behavior is learned some where and I am going to point my fingers at TV & Games.

There I'm off my soap box for the day. So, all you slammers out there can type all the negatives about how the negatives shouldn't be listed and move on in the world. Because I already have. Cheers.
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