Weekly News Recap: April 11, 2009

As always, we'd like to share with you our ZAM features and noteworthy news stories of the week in case you missed any of them. All of the links can be found below and after the jump, including a story on PETA's decision to protest the slaughter of seals through a World of Warcraft event that generated a lot of discussion in our forums.

ZAM Features

A History of Competitive WoW: Part I: Editor Christopher "Pwyff" Tom begins to delve into the history of World of Warcraft as an eSport. Find out when and how PvP became a sponsored event that made players take notice.

League of Legends Interview: Editor-in-Chief Andrew "Tamat" Beegle sits down with Tom Cadwell, the director of systems design for League of Legends, to discuss the game, which is modeled around a Warcraft III mod.

Killer N.I.C. - Worth the Price?: We spoke with Harlan Beverly, co-founder of Bigfoot Networks, about the next generation of Killer cards. You can even watch a World of Warcraft jump delay demonstration video to see exactly how Killer can affect your machine.

Exploring Ether Saga Online: We interview Product Manager Craig Beers to find out what's going on with the upcoming Ether Saga Online MMO. The game is currently in open beta.

An Afternoon with Sylvanas: We had the unique opportunity to talk with Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen, about topics ranging from her thoughts on Thrall and Varimathras to her ongoing claim she's the greatest archer in Azeroth.

Noteworthy News Articles

Monsters Come Alive in Freaky Creatures Release: The Freaky Creatures MMO has launched and players can purchase a starter pack to begin their foray into monster creation and battles.

Stargate Worlds Development Continues: Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has issued a statement stating work will continue on the Stargate MMO, but production has been impacted by the worldwide economic downturn.

The April Version Update is Here!: In addition to new content, spells and abilities, Square Enix's first add-on scenario, "A Crystalline Prophecy," has been added to Final Fantasy XI.

Karl Franz Defeated for 1st Time in WAR: Destruction players on the European Karak Eight Peaks server are officially the first group in the history of Warhammer Online to defeat Emperor Karl Franz.

Issue 14: Architect Goes Live Today: City of Heroes players now have the opportunity to create their own missions and story arcs, as well as search for other fan-made stories.

PETA Plans WoW Event to Battle Seal Slaughter: PETA invited players on the Whisperwind server to meet in Howling Fjord today to combat a team of four Horde seal killers. This event is part of the group's protests of seal deaths in Canada.


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