Weekly News Recap: April 4, 2009

Here's our regular list of ZAM features and noteworthy news articles for the week. Keep reading below and after the jump for links to all the stories you may have missed.

ZAM features

Our Top 5 MMO Complaints: Y'know what really grinds Christopher "Pywff" Tom's gears? Keep reading to find out. Here's a hint: he's not a fan of slaying rats.

Warhammer Online: On Trial: Sam "azerian" Maxted gave the Warhammer online free trial a try to see what impression it could give to people thinking about buying the game.

Introducing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Online: This may have been our April Fools joke, but we still love the thought of running through the sewers in a TMNT MMO.

UI Policy Change? We're Calling a Lawyer!: We sat down with lawyer Connie Mableson to discuss Blizzard's decision to formalize the design and distribution guidelines for add-ons in World of Warcraft.

A Perfect-ly Solid MMO: Pwyff gives the free-to-play Perfect World International a try. While it doesn't advance the MMO genre, Pwyff says the game's worth trying out for players who want a WoW-feel without the fees.

Our Chat with Da Choppa: We were able to convince Morbav - one of the latest Orc Choppas to join the battle in Warhammer Online - to speak to us about his character class.

The Alganon Library: Our old friend Matthew "Berek" Anderson, who is now the Alganon community manager, explains the extensive game database that will be available both in the Alganon world and on MyAlganon.com.

The Egg Fight Has Begun!: You have until Monday to vote for your favorite Final Fantasy XI eggs in round 1 of our tournament.

Noteworthy News Articles

Equipment Manager Postponed: If you were looking forward this feature that will allow you to manage your armor in World of Warcraft's patch 3.1, you're going to need to wait a little longer.

EQII Server Parties Will Celebrate 10 Years of EQ: The festivities begin in EverQuest II on Monday and continue until April 29. Check the list to see when the party's making its way to your server.

Egg Hunt 2009 Open Season Coming Soon to Vana'diel: Final Fantasy XI's Egg Hunt will begin April 9 and run through April 20. A new event will ask you to seek pieces of an "Egg Buffet" for assembly.

Free Age of Conan Trial Now Available: If you've been meaning to try out Age of Conan but didn't want to spend the money, now's your chance. The free trials range from seven to 14 days.

Dance Battles, Mount Pimpage Come to WoW: In case you missed Blizzard's World of Warcraft April Fool's Day jokes, here they are.

The Guild Wins 3 Awards at Streamys: The Guild took home awards for best comedy web series and best ensemble cast in a web series. Felicia Day was also named best female actor in a comedy web series.

Issue 14 to Launch on 8th April?: According to a post on the European City of Heroes forums, it would appear the Mission Architect update is going live next week.

BlizzCast #8 Offers Wintergrasp, Diablo III Info: The newest BlizzCast episode delves deeply into Diablo III while touching on some World of Warcraft and StarCraft II questions.


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