February 9, 2009

Updated Items: Smoked Glass RingFairblossom GreatstaffShadowy Stalker (Master I)stiletto of dark metalFar Seas Trading Company TokenDeadly Mixing Spoona tattered diaryFar Seas Strategic Pricing Manual, Volume IVFar Seas Strategic Pricing Manual, Volume IIIFar Seas Strategic Pricing Manual, Volume IIFar Seas Strategic Pricing Manual, Volume IRiliss Woodworking Volume IIRiliss Woodworking Volume IRiliss Weaponry Volume IIRiliss Weaponry Volume Iriliss senior scholar recipesriliss senior craftman recipesRiliss Light Armoring Volume IIRiliss Light Armoring Volume Iriliss journeyman scholar recipesriliss journeyman outfitter recipesriliss journeyman craftman recipesRiliss Heavy Armoring Volume IIRiliss Heavy Armoring Volume IRiliss Culinary Volume IIRiliss Culinary Volume IRiliss Craftmanship Volume IIRiliss Craftmanship Volume IRiliss Alchemy Volume IIRiliss Alchemy Volume ISecrets of the Danak ScholarsSecrets of the Danak OutfittersSecrets of the Danak Craftsmen ;  

Danak Woodworking Volume IIDanak Woodworking Volume IDanak Runecraft Volume IIDanak Runecraft Volume IDanak Light Armoring Volume IIDanak Light Armoring Volume IDanak Heavy Armoring Volume IIDanak Heavy Armoring Volume IDanak Culinary Volume IIDanak Culinary Volume IDanak Craftmanship Volume IIDanak Craftmanship Volume IDanak Arcana Volume IIDanak Arcana Volume IDanak Alchemy Volume IIDanak Alchemy Volume IBathezid Woodworking Volume IIBathezid Woodworking Volume IBathezid Weaponry Volume IIBathezid Weaponry Volume IBathezid Runecraft Volume IIBathezid Runecraft Volume IBathezid Light Armoring Volume IIBathezid Light Armoring Volume IBathezid Heavy Armoring Volume IIBathezid Heavy Armoring Volume IBathezid Culinary Volume IIBathezid Culinary Volume IBathezid Craftmanship Volume IIBathezid Craftmanship Volume IBathezid Arcana Volume IIBathezid Arcana Volume IBathezid Alchemy Volume IIDi'Zok Provisioning ReductionsDi'Zok Provisioning InfusionsSmithy HammerRuby-Encrusted SteinProtection of the Cabbage (Adept III)Misty Thicket Picnic BasketMistletoe Cutting SickleDemi-Sec ChampagneCelestial SolventBlessed Fishing RodCeremonial Solstice RobeBilthor Claw StudGuardian of Conciousness EarstudCloak of Cold ArrowsWantia Artisan's SatchelCarved Ice ShacklesArcane Collective ShackleFrost Tempered Steel GuantletsRemnant of TimeRemnant of StormsRemnant of ValorRemnant of JusticeRemnant of NightmareRemnant of MischiefRemnant of WarRemnant of HateRemnant of FearVoid Shard

New Quests: Slaying the Defiled Villagers

Updated Quests: Sour SoilsThe Stiletto's ThirstLate for SuppliesGorowyn: Broken Toe ShamansGorowyn: HornetsGorowyn: Drovarg SnarlersGorowyn: DrachnidsSpeak with Zulzak Ku'tiGorowyn: Dire WargsGorowyn: Mistmoore WatchersGorowyn: Sareth'Tal ForagersGorowyn: Ravenous GhoulsGorowyn: Orb CreepersGorowyn: Huntsman SpidersGorowyn: Gremlin MusesGorowyn: Dire RavagersGorowyn: Shadowed Man InvadersFerocious FishPlan the FundraiserIn Defense of the Flower PatchFar Seas Requisition ENC0825Gorowyn: Dire WolvesA Deputy's DogLava BathSelwyn's Errands, Part VISymbols of the PlanesFulgation's EndIt's All NecessarySecuring Future LivelihoodTap Into the PowerThe Spiritual Side of EngineeringNew EffortsGet Them SteamedClockwork Assessment TechometerResearch and Development and More WorkFulgation SightingsGnomeland R & DGnomeland Community ServiceDisruption of the BloodhornWatchman FleepFulgation's FollyFulgation's TracksFinding FulgationGeobotConflict Among the KoboldsAnd Your Little Dog Too!A Clockwork SnoopSteam-Powered SpiesBiting Back At Those That BarkDog Day ReconnaissanceCaustic ActionClockwork DespairVitriolic ComponentsScrapping the ScrapperOut of Control!Out of MindMouthing OffOut of SightBlack Box MechanimationThe Little Black BoxMissions of Gearful ImportanceA Trip to the ZooUnearthing the MoonWanted: Bulka Bloodhorn!A Necromancer's RequestA Wizard's RequestFinding LogicAnas Mechanica ArcanaDeceptionFire and IceTo Speak As a Dragon

New Mobs: Kiplok ValorarmRipcurl

Updated Mobs: TrakanonNiscanithSeher BeanbrewerKali Hodpodgea risen sentryPlague-ridden Crawler Queena charged theorya chaotic inklingZhivaz Ne'pasdar


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