December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays to everyone!

New and Updated Wiki Articles:   Balloon PadCategory:Miragul's Phylactery: The Anathema Discovery POIs ; Category:Miragul's Phylactery: The Anathema Lore ; Category:Miragul's Phylactery: The Anathema POIs ; Category:The Bloodline Chronicles ; Nektulos Forest Quest Series ; Shadow Odyssey Missions (EQ2 Quest Series) ; category:eq2 heritage quests ; the bonemire quest series ; the ruins of guk (eq2 quest series)

New Items: Zealous Voidbeam GreavesUndying Pauldrons PatternShadow Leggings PatternPin of Meager GainIllusory PantaloonsHelm of Whispering DuskGauntlets of the GrimwardenBoots of the Dar AssassinBlackened Pearlescent BangleBattlemage's CowlAtramentous Shadowplate Pauldrons

Updated Items: A Frostbitten KeyDark Mail GauntletsGloves of the Karana Willows

New Quests: Necromantic NeverwhereWhy Does There Have To Be FrogsTaking a little trip...Back into the Fray!Tie up Some Loose EndsMenial Tasks...Demonstration of LoyaltyMysterious Mark

Updated Quests: Raising Private DoopyThe Bonemire Creature CatalogingCharred Bone - Right FemurCharred Bone - Left FemurMercenary Contract - Releasing the UndeadFinalsMercenary Contract - Stealing From the ShadowsBears of a FeatherTake a SwimLay of the LandFinding FoodDaria and the DwarfSnakes, He hates SnakesA Touch of EvolThe Means to an End...Blumble Family TraditionFeerrott Who's WhoCleansing of the CoveNoise Complaint

New Mobs: Irwin SpringcogZadkiel X'aphonKason WithershadowNorian DeathblowKerand D'GamdCantile DigglefizMisa RavensoulEvana L'AlvalDrarson McCaleNyran DudezGamble Blitherton

Updated Mobs: Dragoon J`RaisV'Thixx the ProfanedCorpus Amygdalusan envious malevolencea tormenting anguisha Ghoul UsurperFroppit the EverlivingRideepa the Prideful

New and Updated Areas: Halls of the Unseen: The Takeover


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