Upcoming Goodies for EQII

Brett "timetravelling" Scheiner, Associate Game Designer, Everquest II, dropped this holiday note on the official forums:

As a New Year’s Resolution (a few days early, admittedly), we pledge to create within a few months (aka GU52):

  • A brand new two-group instance with 9 bosses—over half of whom drop Void Shards—balanced for players in legendary gear
  • A very challenging brand new four-group raid instance
  • Brand new tradeskill instance in the Void
  • A Lavastorm revamp
  • Brand new areas added to Lavastorm with level 80 solo content
  • A new faction with gear to gather from the new Lavastorm content
  • 12 new armor sets
  • All of them with brand new armor appearances
  • Including a brand new robe model in which the Helm and Shoulders and Legs are all visible, separate pieces from the Chest
    • And it looks rad *cough* See also: Varsoon *cough*

We have SO MUCH cool stuff planned for y’all, and can’t wait to show it to you!

Enjoy the holidays!!

Source:  Official Forums


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