December 23, 2008

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New Items: Battlemage's Pantaloons

Updated Items: Gloves of the Karana WillowsFletchers' Secrets of Mistmoore, Volume IIFletchers' Secrets of Mistmoore, Volume IChemists' Secrets of Befallen, Volume IIChemists' Secrets of Befallen, Volume IArtificers' Secrets of Najena, Volume IIArtificers' Secrets of Najena, Volume IChemist's Signet RingArtificer's Signet RingArtificer's BangleCrafter's ToolbeltArtisan's ToolbeltTradesman's ToolbeltScholar's Cloak of the Far SeasOutfitter's Cloak of the Far SeasArtisan's Cloak of the Far Seas

Tradesman's Cloak of the Far SeasScribe's TorqueProvisioner's TorqueProvisioner's Signet RingProvisioner's BangleTarnished Circlet of Shadowan indiscernible murky solutionan indiscernible murky solutionan indiscernible murky solutionFlowing Robe of Radiant HuesSeared Silk SashSarnak Dragoon's MarkFae Wing CloakCloak of the WinterwardenFlame-Flecked OrbGreenmistdesert crawler insidesWorked Black Leather JerkinSandscrawler VestDingy Spit RagBlackened Leather ChestpieceCloak of the Burning DeadMordek's SkullRobes of the GatheringScintillating Silk RobeElucidated Manaweave RobeElucidated Manaweave PantaloonsElucidated Manaweave MantleElucidated Manaweave HoodElucidated Manaweave GlovesDauntless Voidlink HauberkThe Legendary White Dragonscale CloakDauntless Voidlink SpauldersDauntless Voidlink LeggingsDauntless Voidlink GlovesDauntless Voidlink CoifDauntless Voidlink BootsChampion's Mirror SabatonsChampion's Mirror HelmChampion's Mirror GreavesChampion's Mirror GauntletsChampion's Mirror EpauletsChampion's Mirror BreastplateAramid Slippers of the VoidcallerAramid Robe of the VoidcallerAramid Pantaloons of the VoidcallerAramid Mantle of the VoidcallerAramid Hood of the VoidcallerAramid Gloves of the VoidcallerAbandoned Shoulderpads of the Jin DrakeAbandoned Kasa of the Jin DrakeAbandoned Leggings of the Jin DrakeAbandoned Gloves of the Jin DrakeAbandoned Gi of the Jin DrakeAbandoned Footwraps of the Jin DrakeThex MalletThe Legendary Thex MalletWasted Wilderness WaistcoatThe Testimony of High Lord William Taros

New Quests: The Means to an End...The Name of Fear

Updated Quests: Noise ComplaintTo Cross the Burning PrinceInvestigating the Underrot Caves (Alone)To Speak As a DragonLower Hall MonitorHope for the ForlornGrommulitz Everything SoupAncient Secrets of the Goblin ChefsDobbins' MapsExtinguishing the Burning DeadWanted by the Irontoe BrigadeFor KieshaRunnyeye: The Gathering: Dirty Dingy PagesThe White Dragonscale CloakThe Book of Thex

New Mobs: a ghoul protectora dar exterminatorThe BurnerThe CrusherLroddCommander WindstreamVlakis D'VanusV'Aevic Eil'DragisLenya Thex

Updated Mobs: a fang pack memberSarik the FangThe Segmented Rumblera Hedon cataphracta Hedon bloomseekerSariah the BloomseekerWuugua desecrated vale oakWillowmaw the RottingAruze Vleesea shadowed deconstructora necrotic defiled oozea blood-drained devourera blood-drained corruptora blood-drained aggressora shimmering laborerCaptain Hamyra moldering dar wizarda deteriorating dar priesta granite gargoylea polluted dar knightKrell Vruupa greater putretaurLieutenant D'Vythivala fleeing Runnyeye guarda Golden ScarabChieftain SiltseaBurrtoe the GorgedBoarkeeper MallegMemnmamar MarrowgutChieftain KanarSlamhammeran enslaved blacksmith

New and Updated Areas: Kizdean Gix's TombThe CommonlandsHalls of the UnseenA Thexian Hideout


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