December 22, 2008

Updated Items: Motor Commotion all for Emotionsinister cauldronsinister slipperssinister vestsinister shoulderssinister helmsinister leggingssinister glovessinister robesinister bracersArcheologist's Token of the Excavationsinister tapestrysinister pillowscaptive audiencepumpkin piebutcher blockceremonial formal ensemblea griffin fountain of justicea pre-shattering erudian statuean ornate chessboard set"Sir Lucan"a globe of old Norrathan outrider's cauldrona tunarian eagle staffsinister spider eggschained blightbatorb of deathshackled elf skeletonshackled human skeletonsinister chandeliersinister sconcewall shacklesLittle Lost SpiritGeobot IXa tax-free housing licenseVoid-Tainted Plate Girdle of WillVoid-Tainted Plate Girdle of MaliceShiny Metallic Robea broken mechanical penan uncharged power sourceCast-Iron BandCrockery Shard NecklaceShard of Swirling EnergyVoid Crystal Beltvelvet painting of Queen CristanosPainting: The War ScoutPainting: Taking FlightPainting: Sporali ScavengerPainting: Snow Bunny HatPainting: IllisiaPainting: Greaves of the PiousPainting: BaylePainting: Asharaepainting of Venril Sathirpainting of a knight championLegends Paintings: Volume 2Large Red-Framed Painting of Mayong MistmooreLarge Black-Framed Painting of Mayong Mistmooreguard captain paintingan oil painting of a stone castle an oil painting of a sea shore cliffan oil painting of a claymore an oil painting of a castlean oil painting of a brick castlean oil painting of a cathedral a pristine oil painting of a stone castle a pristine fine landscape paintingA Painting of a Lizarda fine painting of a castle on hilla fine landscape paintinga canvas paintinga burlap paintinga broadcloth painting'King's Tomb Tavern" paintingChokéball: GrassgalorChokéballThe Fire Maiden’s SultrinessThe Fire Maiden’s EmberThe Royal Lord’s AuthorityThe Royal Lady’s PowerThe Temptress’ RubyThe Temptress’ BlushThe Forest Champion’s WisdomThe Forest Champion’s VitalityThe Forest Champion’s CharmThe Groom’s Ceremonial VestmentThe Bride’s Gold Kissed Ceremonial VestmentThe Bride’s Ceremonial VestmentThe Heroine’s Golden TreasureThe Hero’s Golden TreasureThe Fire Champion’s FervorThe Fire Champion’s BurnThe Young Lad’s WitThe Young Lad’s ThrillThe Sea Mariner’s SpiritThe Sea Mariner’s ResolveThe Sea Mariner’s MettleThe Sea Nymph’s KissThe Sea Nymph’s GlamourSculptor's Signet RingScribe's TorqueProvisioner's TorqueProvisioner's Signet RingProvisioner's BangleMetalworker's Signet RingMetalworker's BangleMetalshaper's Signet RingMetalshaper's BangleChemist's Signet RingTradesman's EarringCrafter's EarringArtisan's EarringCrafter's ToolbeltArtisan's ToolbeltTradesman's ToolbeltDoom Magus WristletCold Iron Plate LeggingsCloak of Frozen AirDrape of EnchantmentsCloak of Frozen ThoughtCloak of the SnowstormCloak of the WinterwardenSnowflake Patterned CloakNorth Wind CloakSteadfast BraceletThe Young Lass’ AuraClurg’s Family Stein Recipe

New Quests: Help HauntedFinal WarningA Gnomish Master PlanThe Broken PenDousing the FireDestroy the Dread Exarch!

Updated Quests: Letter to RiasonExtinguishing the Burning DeadThe Little Black BoxProtectors of Growth: Clockwork CollectorsLore and Legend: ClockworkFauna of the Deep JungleCartography FunLocal NeighborsThe HauntingBiting Back At Those That BarkSteam-Powered SpiesHomage on Ancestral GroundsClockwork Assessment TechometerGirding of GunukRestocking the PoundersRestocking the CuttersRestocking the BlockersGnomeland Community ServiceGnomeland R & DFulgation SightingsSylvan Hunters: Bloodhorn HuntersSylvan Hunters: Bloodhorn EnslaversHouse of Falling Stars: Deranged Clockwork GnomesThe Tenebrous Tangle Creature CatalogingCourt of the Blades: Dukarem's Purge, Part IISafe for BusinessMeeting the DemandScalerot CureThe OthersPoaching the PoachersTrail to the PastShadow Odyssey: Tuptan CookwareShadow Odyssey: Darkened Void WeaponsWasps UpGrassgalorTap Into the PowerWatchman FleepFulgation's TracksFinding FulgationAnd Your Little Dog Too!They Give Me the ShiversConstructive ConstructsA Barrel of Snow Leopard PeltsA Barrel of Stag HidesA Barrel of Strengthened Leather PeltsA Barrel of Troglodyte SkinOutlying Qeynos Creature CatalogingSylvan Hunters: Yarpsnarl CutthroatsSylvan Hunters: Mazkeen SavagesInfestation!

New Mobs: Sir XavierSir ErondasSir MastriSir AndersUlun MilooJaori FeaumaarHoptor ThagglorUkaskis the TraderR'dlles Mar'drilRilgor PlegnogSarbith PlegnogFixademic Gughlisa clockwork battlera clockwork scavengera clockwork dismantlera time-locked enchantressDread Exarch Mordek

Updated Mobs: A Wandering MinstrelRiason HanagomGynok MoltarThe Undead KingA Grikbar BattlerA Wayward Clockwork GnomeA Deranged Clockwork GnomeLord Marcus Thexa blazing whimShade of Miragulan Ancient Shoal Fish

New and Updated Areas: A Clockwork ApocalypseRilgor Plegnog's Chambers


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