Free Realms Site Launches! Beta Applications Open

Just last week I wrote a quick preview of Free Realms and today the website, including beta registration, went live! Maybe I should write a preview of Star Wars: The Old Repbulic next!

It's easy to sign up for the Free Realms beta! All you have to do is register. You can find registration information at Once you register, keep an eye on your (or your parent's) e-mail for a beta acceptance letter that will have a link that lets you log-in to Free Realms for the first time!

We'll start our beta testing slowly. After all, we're going to be fixing problems as people find them, and that can take a little time. If you register as a beta tester and you don't get accepted right away, don't worry! We'll be adding LOTS of beta testers over time, so you'll get your chance.

The site is cute, lively, and honestly, the videos are a little loud, but otherwise I'm so excited I could just cancel all my MMO subscriptions and stare at my inbox awaiting my beta invite until the game launches!

This one is gonna be fun folks! Don't miss out!


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