Ethernauts Has Launched with Special Promotion

Ethernauts, the fifth Legends of Norrath release, is officially here ! It is now available in the Sony Station store and leads directly into the story of the new EverQuest II expansion, The Shadow Odyssey, which will hit stores on Nov. 18.

According to SOE, current EQ and EQ2 subscribers will find the new Cloudskipper Starter Deck has been added to their collection manager when they log in to the Legends of Norrath client. This deck features the game's first generic avatar, the Cloudskipper, the airship of the Ethernauts.

Also, as a special promotion through Feb. 11, 2009, which is when the sixth Legends of Norrath expansion will be available, current subscribers will receive five non-tradable Ethernauts booster packs per month at no additional cost.

Keep reading for more information on the Ethernauts release sent to us by SOE.

The new Legendary Starter Pack features enough cards for you to construct four different decks with all four Ethernauts archetypes! It's the quickest way for you to meet Ethernauts Asharae, Bayle, Kaltuk and Illisia. The Legendary Starter Pack contains 220 fixed cards (40 that are unique to this product), four Avatars and 16 Quests, and retails for just $19.99 USD (plus applicable taxes).

And look for exciting new loot items including:

  • New mounts!
  • Unique new house items and even a house to put them in!
  • Familiars that add to your caster’s abilities.
  • Items that allow players’ character to turn into genies, mannequins or golems.
  • Items that can teleport you and your party across a zone.
  • Summon a Dark of Pale Unicorn that grants incredible bonuses.

And there are many, many more – over 20 new loot cards each for EverQuest and EverQuest II.   See them all by visiting the loot cards page on the all-new Legends of Norrath Web site.


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