Inside My Radio Tuning In to XBox One

Hey rhythm fans! Not only can you read up on the latest news about Inside My Radio here, you can also use this article as a reference on how to spell rhythm! I promise there are just two Hs. Regardless, we're here to discuss the brainchild of Iceberg Interactive and Seaven Studio, Inside My Radio, and how this beatboxing gem is set to hit on PC and XBox One soon.

Pre-Alpha Gameplay for Act of Aggression Hits

I'm a ridiculous RTS fan at heart, so having the opportunity to jump at Act of Aggression was nearly a dream come true. I can remember cracking open a massive game box for another standard-setting RTS title years ago and being hooked at the new RTS concept. Act of Aggression from Eugen Systems and Focus Home Interactive aims to bring back that old-school feel with new-school gameplay. And there's tanks. Lots of tanks.

Visual Upgrade coming to SW:TOR in Game Update 1.5

Whether you currently play Star Wars: The Old Republic or used to, there's no denying that BioWare realized a beautiful, stylized Star Wars universe. Well, that universe is about to get just a little bit more beautiful in Game Update 1.5.

ZAM's First Look at the Forbidden Valley

When I was a kid, one of my most prized possessions was a huge LEGO castle set that took me ages to build. According to my embellished memory, the building was at least 25 feet tall and contained roughly 10,000 Minifigures that fought for glory in epic battles held around the castle's walls. Ah, the wonders of imagination.

Aside from glancing at the newest sets on department store shelves, I haven't sat down and built with LEGOs in years. That's probably why I was intrigued to dive into the closed beta for LEGO Universe, the upcoming kid-friendly MMO that puts you in the shoes (or those weird square pants) of your very own Minifigure. I wanted to know if the game could match my memories of that castle from my childhood. So far, it seems to be doing a pretty good job.

Allemantheia, the Desert Jewel Double Update

In a quick double update, Scapes has posted new information on TERA times two. Both updates have to do with the south-eastern region of TERA, called Allemantheia. The city is called the "Desert Jewel", but I live in Arizona, and this desert doesn't have any jewels that I know about.

This is the city of the elves, center of their culture and racial identity. Built soon after their arrival on Shara, it reflects much of the people it represents. Aloof, mysterious, unknowable, visitors to the city have been known to stop and stare at some feature for hours, then suddenly realize the statue they've been studying is actually a doorway.

Official Allemantheia Page:

Also! We promised screenshots, so please use the link below to head to ZAM's screenshot page for TERA. The two images have already been posted there on the top-left.

TERA Screenshots @ ZAM:

TERA Online Q&A at Obsolete Gamer

A nice compilation of questions that have been posted across various TERA forums, covering a fairly broad range of TERA categories. I was quite happy when I came across this, especially when I read details on a release date for TERA.

There is also a interview with TERA Online Sr. Producer Brian Knox. Once again quite a bit of information, including details on the death & penalty system, as well as computer requirements to run TERA.

Hopefully y'all enjoy this as much as I did!

Full interview at

Screenshots of the Week: Azarel's Temple

The tenth installment of the official Screenshot of the Week was released just today by Scapes. It features an instance dungeon which some lucky testers were able to experience during the last Focus Group Test.

Click read more to check out the foreboding architecture and nightmarish monsters.

APB Hands-On: Enforcing Justice in San Paro

The life of an Enforcer in San Paro is not easy, especially if you have the driving skills of a 12-year-old and are up against ruthless criminals bent on terrorizing the city. At least that was my first hands-on experience with All Points Bulletin (APB), the upcoming MMO shooter from Realtime Worlds. I managed to infiltrate their offices in Boulder, CO, last week to get a look at the near-gold build of the game, then interrogate the lead designer in a secluded office until he gave me all the extra details on the game.

The Future of DDO: An Interview with Fernando Paiz

Last year, Dungeons and Dragons Online turned the MMO world on its head by not only announcing that they were going to a hybrid free-to-play business model, but also by demonstrating that a free-to-play game, even one that started as a subscription title, can be extremely successful. At this year’s LOGIN conference, the ZAM staff caught up with the game’s Executive Producer, Fernando Paiz, to talk about the future of DDO both in the short term with Update 5 and in the much longer term, going over subjects like additional races, classes, and – in a surprising move – a new type of content that’s going to be added to the game.

Many things are hinted at in this conversation, and obviously plans at Turbine can change, but if you’re interested in the future of Dungeons and Dragons Online and where the team is headed, make sure you give this article a read!

Guild Wars 2 Interview: Reinventing Tyria

It seems like the folks at Guild Wars 2 have set a blistering pace for the release of game information over the past month. With the unveiling of the Elementalist and the corresponding gameplay associated with this epic spellcaster and beyond, we’ve learned more about the game than we had garnered throughout the past few years since the title’s unveiling. From skills to dynamic events to combat, we’re starting to really see what kind of systems we might expect in the game.

However, one of the areas that we’re still trying to learn more about is the actual world that exists in Guild Wars 2. We do know a few key facts regarding elder dragons and chronology, but the GW2 designers and storytellers have remained fairly hush-hush on everything regarding the newest race – the Sylvari – and some of the more in-depth, character-based interactions that players will be experiencing while playing their new avatars.

So while the ZAM team was in Seattle for the LOGIN 2010 conference, we took a trip out to the ArenaNet studios to find out exactly what’s going on in the latest iteration of Tyria. We definitely learned some new tidbits… so much that we had to split our interview into two different articles! We were lucky enough to sit down with the "lore gurus" Bobby Stein and Ree Soesbee, so they had plenty to say about the different ways they've gone about building their expanded world. Additionally, we’ll be releasing another interview on combat and gameplay soon, so stay tuned folks; we have a whole GW2 blowout on the way!