SOE Podcast #63 is Live!

Official SOE Podcast #63 is now available!  Highlights include an interview with Alan "Brenlo" Crosby the new Producer for EverQuest II, the introduction to the summer Podramedy, the Grumpy old gamer talks about his upcoming trip to Fan Faire, and we have the top 10 games you won't see at E3 this year.

So tune in!  You can get the Podcast two different ways:  head over to the Podcast’s official site and click on your preferred bandwidth or if you have iTunes installed select iTunes store, type SOE into the search box and click Subscribe!  Send in your feedback either on the Station forums or via email.

Gnobrin on The Jethal Silverwing Show!

Jethal Silverwing's show has a scheduled guest: Aaron "Gnobrin Gearbender" Bisnett / Community Relations Representative.

The Jethal Silverwing show is dedicated to all things crazy, with a parody twist thrown into the mix of Norrath flavor and a kick of general gaming discussion. 

The show airs every Tuesday from 7pm - 9pm Pacific Time
Tune in URL: