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Join Leonai_art and Luxx this evening for The Ravecast which airs every Friday, 6:30 - 8:30pm Pacific

Topic: SOE's Station Cash
Guest: SpyderBite from the Zam network
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The Ravecast - Team Fortress 2 Night!


TF2 Heavy and Scout

PARTAY! Tonight tune into the show and log into Steam to join Leonai_art and Luxx for some Team Fortress 2 action!

We'll pick the TF2 server to invade, and give our SteamID info over the air. If you're not familiar with the Steam system, all you need to do is add us to your friend list and right click our name to join. Invite all your friends and we'll stay up late wuwu~

... oh, and yeah you'll need Team Fortress 2... which is a rather good video game, you should check it out if you don't have it.

What? The Ravecast
When? 6:30pm - 8:30pm Pacific
Who? Leonai_art & Luxx
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RaveWAAAGH Friday Podcast Available

Last night I was honored to tune into my first ever Ravecast on air over at Online Gaming Radio !  Leonai took her first steps into WAR, and I had to be sure she wasn't going to complain about it!  Her co-host, Luxx, informed me that the podcast is now available from the OGR site, so you can listen in to all the fun we had!

PART1 for this episode of OGR’s Ravecast contains a wee bit-o-news regarding the delay of LittleBigWorld due to Quran references. Spore expansions to be released.

PART2 we start Leonai’s first ever Warhammer character. Will she choose the Orderly Orderlies or the Destructive Destructonauts? Listen to find out (oh, so exciting!).

PART3 is a continuation of Leonai’s WAR experience. Lots of “Cap it! Cap that freaking flag!” - “I know, I’m trying! Noooo I’m dead.”

I had the most fun I've had in an out of game social situation, and I encourage you to check out!  Of course, the Ravecast is on every Friday, and you can join in via our IRC room, in #OGR!  Hopefully we'll see you there next week!  Don't forget the WAR show: Podcast of Reckoning every Monday at 4pm!

The Ravecast of RECKONING

Last friday was a unique show for the Ravecast - the first half of which being the typical with Leonai_art and Luxx going through recent news from the last week including updates on Spore and 2 people's very black and white perspectives on whether the "console will die" or the "pc gaming will die". 

The second part of the show (and 3rd, in its podcast form), Arnie and Hakuto join to talk about Warhammer Online from the perspective of gamers who have played many MMOs, comparing and contrasting Warhammer Online to various other games released on the market.

The question is - did you miss it?

If so, or if you didn't, but wanted to listen to it again, then visit the Online Gaming Radio podcast page and download parts 1 , 2 and 3 of The Ravecast of RECKONING (dun dun DUMM) .

Ravecast - Pirate Play night


Ravecast hosts have decided after realizing that today is one of the best days ever - Talk like a Pirate day that they are going to change their schedule for the night!  In celebration of this awesome day, they're going to postpone their previous scheduled topic until next week and instead, hop into Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online Free to Play MMORPG!

So head to , sign up, and download their free client then join us this evening for an awesomely fun night of pirateering.

Visit for more information on how to join the party.

Ravecast Tonight - Rate your gaming addiction


Leonai art killed by Companion Cube.jpg Luxx

Tune in this evening as Leonai_art and Luxx talk about gaming, gaming addictions, and how they would rate various levels of immersion and the driving desire to play the game.

We've got the gaming addiction bug... and we're ok with that.


What? The Ravecast
When? 6:30pm - 8:30pm Pacific
Who? Leonai_art & Luxx
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Weekend Warriors - Tune in!

Having troubles getting through life without thinking about World of Warcraft ? We’re here to help you - but instead of thinking about it less, we’re going to help you think about it more!

Online Gaming Radio brings you the Weekend Warriors every week on Thursdays between 7:30pm and 9:30pm Pacific.

Join the hosts of the show, Miyari , Psichi and Steve every week as they feed your mind with even more thoughts about World of Warcraft.

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New Attitude: Don't take a crack on Waaaagh!

Online Gaming Radio's Sr. Julie has released a new editorial for her segment, New Attitude which is addressing the fanboi reactions to comments from various sources around the Warhammer Online community.

New Attitude - visit Online Gaming Radio twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays to read the commentary from Sr. Julie, known among editorial sites as Julie Whitefeather.

Click Here to read today's article titled, "Julie gets Hammered "

Ravecast - News, Conventions, and More



Tune in tonight to The Ravecast with hosts Leonai_art and Luxx as they talk about recent gaming news from the past few weeks, a few games, and tune in to hear Luxx's accounting of both the Star Trek convention as well as SOE's Fan Faire 2008 con.

Its definitely a night that you won't want to miss, so be around and tune in!

What? The Ravecast
When? 6:30pm - 8:30pm Pacific
Who? Leonai_art & Luxx
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