Station Cash - on The Ravecast

Join Leonai_art and Luxx this evening for The Ravecast which airs every Friday, 6:30 - 8:30pm Pacific

Topic: SOE's Station Cash
Guest: SpyderBite from the Zam network
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RaveWAAAGH Friday Podcast Available

Last night I was honored to tune into my first ever Ravecast on air over at Online Gaming Radio !  Leonai took her first steps into WAR, and I had to be sure she wasn't going to complain about it!  Her co-host, Luxx, informed me that the podcast is now available from the OGR site, so you can listen in to all the fun we had!

PART1 for this episode of OGR’s Ravecast contains a wee bit-o-news regarding the delay of LittleBigWorld due to Quran references. Spore expansions to be released.

PART2 we start Leonai’s first ever Warhammer character. Will she choose the Orderly Orderlies or the Destructive Destructonauts? Listen to find out (oh, so exciting!).

PART3 is a continuation of Leonai’s WAR experience. Lots of “Cap it! Cap that freaking flag!” - “I know, I’m trying! Noooo I’m dead.”

I had the most fun I've had in an out of game social situation, and I encourage you to check out!  Of course, the Ravecast is on every Friday, and you can join in via our IRC room, in #OGR!  Hopefully we'll see you there next week!  Don't forget the WAR show: Podcast of Reckoning every Monday at 4pm!

Gnobrin on The Jethal Silverwing Show!

Jethal Silverwing's show has a scheduled guest: Aaron "Gnobrin Gearbender" Bisnett / Community Relations Representative.

The Jethal Silverwing show is dedicated to all things crazy, with a parody twist thrown into the mix of Norrath flavor and a kick of general gaming discussion. 

The show airs every Tuesday from 7pm - 9pm Pacific Time
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