SOE Sunsets Four Game Services

Sony Online Entertainment announced today on the EverQuest Online Adventures website that it is closing four of its game services:  EQOA, Cosmic Rift, Infantry, and Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga.  These games will close for good on March 29, 2012.

EQOA players will be granted 3 months of Gold Membership in both EverQuest and EverQuest II. These gold memberships will be available starting on Friday, March 16, 2012. You can find out more about the end of EQOA in the official EQOA Closure FAQ.

See the entire announcement after the jump or on the EQOA Official Site.

UPDATE: SOE sent an email to EQOA players.  You can see the entire text of the letter on page 2.

BFF Report Ep. 95: Top 5 Controversial Games

Better late then never! ZAM's Mike B. aka Fony was a bit delayed on getting a BFF Report last week, but this week he's back with the BFF Report - Episode #95: The Top 5 Most Controversial Games of 2011! In this episode, Fony... well... he covers the top five most controversial games of 2011. That's pretty much self-explanatory.

Anyway, it's a great way to wrap up 2011 for those of you suffering from your post-holiday funk (it's been two weeks, get over it). If you're still in that "New Years" mood, why not check out ZAM's ongoing "The Top 5 Most Important MMOs of 2012" series? Original titles are running high, people.

EverQuest Online Adventures is Restored

EverQuest Online Adventures servers came back online around 10:30am PDT this morning. All EQOA accounted are expected to be credited for the extra days of downtime on top of the 45 days that all SOE accounts were already granted. Naylie announced the restoration this morning on the EQOA official forums:

The EQOA servers are now up and open for play! Thank you for your patience and go play.

As part of the Welcome Back Program, all existing EverQuest Online Adventures players are eligible for these rewards:

  • Hero's Land Shark Illusion
  • Hero's Moss Snake Scroll
  • Experience debt cleared for all characters

Visit the merchants to purchase the reward items for zero cost.

SOE Confirms Development on EverQuest "Next"

Ten years ago, the launch of EverQuest arguably changed the gaming industry forever. Its combination of gameplay, story and cosmetic appeal was precisely what gamers had been waiting for and would soon be the inspiration for many great, and some not so great games to come. Over the years, Sony Online Entertainment has released a number of subsequent EverQuest games set in the world of Norrath; most notable of which being EverQuest Online Adventures and EverQuest II. While both titles continue to retain an active player-base, lately "Will there be an EverQuest III?" has been an increasingly popular subject. Keep reading for official confirmation that "EverQuest Next" is in development.

EQOA Celebrates 6th Anniversary

EverQuest is celebrating its 10th anniversary in March, but that's not the only game in the franchise celebrating this year. Today marks the sixth birthday of EverQuest Online Adventures!

EQOA turns 6 years old today! (Awww, isn't it cute ?) And just like most 6 year-olds, EQOA's main goal in life is to have fun and...well, play! We want to thank everyone who has adventured with us in Norrath over the past 6 years and we hope you'll continue to play with us for a long time to come. Happy Birthday!

Be sure to stop by the forums and decorate a birthday cake in honor of this grand occasion with us!

We here at Allakhazam would like to wish EQOA and its team a very happy anniversary!

EQOA: Weekend Warriors Destruction!

EverQuest Online Adventures posted a new Town Observer!
The Town Observer is our chance to highlight some of the fantastic videos that you, the players, have made for EverQuest Online Adventures. This week we stop by to watch some awesome action and some entertaining tunes in "EQoA Weekend Warriors Destruction".
The video is on youtube!

EQOA Fishing Tournament and Fall Activities

SOE today issued a press release regarding new events in EQOA!

Scheduled to begin on October 31st, EverQuest Online Adventures (EQOA) will officially kick-off fishing season with its first ever in-game fishing tournament. Players can grab their rods and reels and seek out the best locations as weekly prizes will be awarded for catching special tagged fish. Anglers who are able to lure in the tagged fish will be awarded an in-game pet as a reward. The tournament is scheduled to culminate on November 15th, so time is limited. Join in the fun and hook a big one!
The release includes a bunch of new fall activities, as well as a list of the newest enhancements!

Sapphyra's State of Norrath Address

The latest producer's letter for EQOA has been published!  Sapphyra updates us on the ongoings with development of EQOA.  Check it:
Hail, travelers of Norrath!

Get ready as the winds of exciting new changes move through Norrath….

March is one of my favorite months – everything starts to come to life again from the cold of winter, and it's a month of vibrance. Almost as the old calendar changed from February, the sun turned itself up a notch. This month also brought some long anticipated updates, from The Luck quest, to the alternate Plane of Disease ability quest, to a promised pass over Master Classes, and much more. April brings a few more changes like Zaroan Plateau access changes and Alchemist reward exchanges.

EQOA March Madness




The Adventure Continues With The Plane Of Disease,

Master Class Balancing And The Luck Of The Irish


WHAT:                 Plane of Disease (PoD) Alternate Ability Quest!

Looking for a little more action in your adventure? The Plane of Disease Alternate Ability Quest challenges even the most talented warriors – Only a few adventurers have ever been able to earn their PoD ability…until now. If you are brave enough, and a level 60 player, try your luck with this quest. Do you have what it takes to get your Plane of Disease ability?


Master Class Balancing!

Looking to Add a Little Class to Your Character?  Some Caster and Healer Master Classes have reduced requirements. Check out the updated class mastery path and find new ways to customize your character to greatness.  Some updates include:

·   New Shadowknight abilities include the introduction of the new and improved Darkness line which allows you to mercilessly blind and damage your enemies.

·   Get to Master Class faster if you are a Caster or Healer. Check out the updated class mastery path and you'll find a much faster path to greatness, but be careful, there is always a new challenge waiting ahead!

Check out all latest enhancements!

The Luck Quest Returns!

The luck of the Irish transcends into Norrath as a special St. Patty's Day event comes to EQOA! To celebrate this holiday, we are bringing back the Luck Quest. Now players of all levels can earn double XP for 72 hours, or death – whichever comes first…


WHEN:                 March 14, 2007


Sony Online Entertainment celebrates the fourth anniversary of EQOA with treasured gifts and special in game quests for all adventurers!  Rejoice in the fourth year of the EQOA adventure by claiming your anniversary present today. Characters, level 15 and over, can claim an Anniversary Certificate, which will allow a second reset of their path abilities.  Satisfied with your current path?  Find a seller for this rare and unique item on auction or give it as a gift because it’s tradable.  For those that haven’t quite made it to level 15, other unique and exciting gifts will be granted during the celebration to aide you along the adventure! 

This anniversary also presents the prospect of peace in the land of Norrath…almost!  Assistance is needed to fight against invading forces storming the gates of Freeport, Halas, Forkwatch, Klick`Anon, Hazinak, and Misty Thicket.  Quest in the name of Norrath and help these cities!  Join the battle and you will be handsomely rewarded!

Commemorate the anniversary, collect exciting new rewards and embark on the new fast-action questing adventures that you have come to love, waiting for you in EQOA! 

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