SOE Confirms Development on EverQuest "Next"

Ten years ago, the launch of EverQuest arguably changed the gaming industry forever. Its combination of gameplay, story and cosmetic appeal was precisely what gamers had been waiting for and would soon be the inspiration for many great, and some not so great games to come. Over the years, Sony Online Entertainment has released a number of subsequent EverQuest games set in the world of Norrath; most notable of which being EverQuest Online Adventures and EverQuest II. While both titles continue to retain an active player-base, lately "Will there be an EverQuest III?" has been an increasingly popular subject. Keep reading for official confirmation that "EverQuest Next" is in development.

EQOA Celebrates 6th Anniversary

EverQuest is celebrating its 10th anniversary in March, but that's not the only game in the franchise celebrating this year. Today marks the sixth birthday of EverQuest Online Adventures!

EQOA turns 6 years old today! (Awww, isn't it cute ?) And just like most 6 year-olds, EQOA's main goal in life is to have fun and...well, play! We want to thank everyone who has adventured with us in Norrath over the past 6 years and we hope you'll continue to play with us for a long time to come. Happy Birthday!

Be sure to stop by the forums and decorate a birthday cake in honor of this grand occasion with us!

We here at Allakhazam would like to wish EQOA and its team a very happy anniversary!

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