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#1 Apr 24 2005 at 12:25 PM Rating: Good
Here is the Ragnarok Linkshell list. If you want your LS to be listed, or wish to update your current LS entry, please send me a PM or just post here.

A few guidelines:

1. This is not a discussion thread, it's information. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss something, please start a new thread.

2. Please try to follow the formatting (including the color tags). It will make me a happy Taru. I'll still post your information even if it doesn't come to me in this format, but rest assured I will be grumbling to myself while I'm doing it.

3. I don't claim to be an authority on the English language, but I reserve the right to correct any spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your posting as I see fit. Sometimes my corrections are wrong, but that's just the way it goes. And don't worry, I won't harp on you for having bad grammar.

4. If you're going to include a URL to your LS website, please make it a clickable URL. This is easily done by typing the complete URL out (i.e.

Thank you. Now onto the list.


Leader BlackHalo
Sack Holders Coldharted, Shinzu, Gaucho, Stellar, hyoshi, Anehii
Requirements Don't be mean.

Leader Trichocyst
Sack Holders Nereth, Radian, Mase, Abandon, Grommet
Requirements We require a friendly disposition and good attitude.

Leader Balduvar
Sack Holders Icestunna, Setri, Sefin
Requirements Be friendly and lend a hand with something if you can. You can expect the same kind of help in return.

Leader Mendorian
Sack Holders Braunehose, Heraisto
Requirements German-speaking

Leader Airamis
Sack Holders Dagaz, Syth, Siara, Ruhne, Gregorik, Nairne, Gainsborough, Rockstarjen, Zefindill, Almorille, Tamandra, Kalavos
Requirements Don't be mean, and have lots and lots of fun.

Leader Tif
Sack Holders Vaga, Crafty, Percietwo
Requirements First, we aren't meant to be your only linkshell. We are more of a chat linkshell of friends who like to help each other and just have a good time. We do goofy events every now and then just to get everyone together to have some fun. Also, we are THE official home of the one and only Percie. And we are openly accepting new members right now. Summer kills us with inactivity.

Leader Triston, Darklight
Sack Holders Xhenife, Dozer, Montie, Lexia, Tirinai, Herot, Omegaz, Barik and Iriquis
Requirements Be nice, that basically sums it all up.

Leader Zeena
Sack Holders Everyone
RequirementsAlways help one another.

Leader Redflame
Sack Holders Aizmov
Requirements Speak Arabic.

Leader Silverblur
Sack Holders Alsarius, Araziel, Bobbq, Darkalucard, Earwen, Eekiki, Keikii, Kjata, Majinsean, Morgoth, Nekojill, Nitengale, Shinma, Starhealer, Straith, Vanyal
Requirements Maintain a sense of community and respectability. Be helpful, humble, considerate, friendly, and democratic.

Leader Kesai
Sack Holders Kylun, Smasho
Requirements You gotta be amazing, and realize Smasho is a big softie.

Sack Holders Rightousmsj, Amador, Clocant, Purril , Salome
Requirements Any levels welcomed. Just either be a dragoon, or a supporter of dragoons. :)

Leader Blagoce
Sack Holders Ajora, Amirith, Destiney, Drkyugi, Elekial, Epiphanie, Feliciti, Leeroy, Liadel, Lilka, Robbeh, Kiela, Kyasi, Kyuru, Munitia
Requirements Be friendly, helpful, and hopeful for the future. Dojang is Korean for "Place of Learning". Come visit, and you just might learn that what you've found is much more then what you bargained for.

Leader Sinx
Sack Holders Xquizette, Shinodahahn, Mystical, Calogel
Requirements RL friends

Divine Renegades
Leader Elfinna
Sack Holders Trssyk, Purleen, Picout, Sweetangel
Requirements Most ppl in the LS are from Buffalo. But all are wellcome. We've done AFs, ranks, camped NMs, or just come in to have fun and converse

Leader Vertoria
Sack Holders Diddyman, Elitest, Magus, Huds, Jezmund

Leader Bazzer, Jar
Sack Holders Sweeney, Bastian, Lehillia, Azraelius, Kaina
Requirements UK-exclusive. Must be Scottish, English, Irish, Welsh and/or live in the UK. No other requirements.

Leader Zillex
Sack Holders Baaroon, Darksword, skyve, Phantomlord
Requirements Every one is welcome as long as they are friendly and helpful people.

Leader Maven
Sack Holders Anjel, Firahs
Requirements From Windy and willing to participate with EFs, Ballistas, and general helping of other LS memebers.

Leader Trobli
Sack Holders Gregorik
Requirements Be helpful and nice.

The Dragon Knights
Leader Exzade
Sack Holders Zidana
Requirements Looking for members that have a good feel for the game already (at least knowing the basics of the basics). A subjob would be really nice too. Nice/kind people that are down for quests, parties, hunting/farming, and general fun.

Owner Niobia
Sack Holders Dub, Nitrogelatin, Charlamagne, Selaut, Oddears, Juggs, Keona
Requirements For more information visit

Leader Bethany
Sack Holders Farmboy, Ritsuko, Akasha

Leader Majd
Sack Holders Faisal, Deathknightkw, Dark warrior, Uchihajonin, Brucewillis
Requirements Speak Arabic. Persian Gulf region.

Leader Sunotunotu
Sack Holders Senengoroshi, Rustin, Bunnyslayer, Blitzkriegz, Bishup, and Chillem.
Requirements You'd better have a good sense of humor, and don't take offense to anything because nobody is safe. You should be friendly, and be someone who will try to be the best they can be.

Leader Nekomusha
Sack Holders Reveria, Delrien, Hatch
Requirements Be respectful, fun-loving, and have a good sense of humor. Before you join, know this: this LS was started by a group of RL friends, all of whom are EXTREMELY VALIANT in nature. If you aren't into the "randomly helping passers-by" thing, don't join. Also, try to get used to Pauput. If you join, you'll see what I mean.

Leader Lagore
Sack Holders Greeny, Museman
Requirements We're looking for people, so come join. We rock. /tell any of us on Ragnarok.

Leader Heyseus
Sack Holders Gambit, Vucan, Profedon, Shawnone, Willbilly, Koldkilla
Requirements Everyone deserves a little respect. With that in mind let's play and have fun!!

All Creation
Leader Tenjuro, Saeki
Sack Holders Gwedolyne, Punther, Leik, Shindoraemon
Requirements Interest in crafting, sharing, and creating a helpful trading community. Non-crafters and noobs are welcome!

Leader Gwedolyne
Sack Holders Poekie, Brennon
Requirements Speak Dutch/Belgian (not French!) and be pleasant having around :)

Leader Preciousangel, Tkdtiger
Sack Holders Zidana
Requirements Be cool, nice, don't shaft any members out of anything, be helpful, etc. Any jobs, ranks (we can help you get there), and any level. We're trying to have everyone in Ragnarok join, so if we ask you to have a linkpearl please accept it. It's our dream to unite all of Ragnarok under one linkshell.

Leader Amalasan
Sack Holders Zafirah, Sephiros, Grizzleox
Requirements /tell Amalasan

Leader Joishi
Sack Holders Mendoza, Gloriousanthem, Dorizoku, Kaizoku, Natas, Aranthel, Faxanadude
Requirements Must be a Bastok citizen. Other than that, just to have fun with us.

Leader Berrima
Sack holders none currently
Requirements Friendly people, and also I want people who will have respect for each other and for the LS. People who are ready to help each other, able to have a good time, able to take a joke, and who will also take LS seriously. Lv 65+, and if you have sky that would be great, but if not ok.

Leader Elomendl
Sack Holders Alexivar, Dawnie, Drev, Omner, Nekolas
Requirements RevX is primarily a social linkshell. We are interested in the advancement of our members and the overall fun of the game. LS events are usually scheduled loosely, but we try to include anyone we can. Rank 4, 5 and above have been our main events to do, with most of our members now at rank 5 or above. Promyvions and quests also occupy our repetoire. Average lvl of our players is 40ish, with many members higher (50-70s) and a few members lower (lvl 1 and up). We have no requirements on lvl to be included in the shell, and the more experienced players are always willing to at least give their advice to others in the shell. We're looking for people who enjoy the game, enjoy the company of some people to talk to, and don't mind helping out from time to time if they can.

Leader Reega
Sack Holder Everyone
Requirements Don't be mean, don't buy gil or be gil seller, and this is a eng/jp speaking ls, our leader is a jp and he is very nice.

Villians by Necessity
Leader Valispire
Sack Holders Donpedmar, Droopyelephant, Dyer, Genkotsu, Genshuku, Ladyultima, Laokore, Trench, Xplo
Requirements Have fun. At the end of the day it's still just a game.

Leader Yopsi
Sack Holders Strydor, Gimli, Greebo, Zeeks, Jamaraq, Proficy, Shunfa, and others
Requirements Lets have fun together! for more information

Leader Fenix
Sack Holders ???
Requirements Have an open mind and a sense of humor. Events are loosely organized. 70+ members, willing to help low levels, and always willing to give advice. /tell Nomah with any questions.

Wild Spirits
Leader Orphenot
Sack Holders Memole, Sivitri, Selphine, Zayon
Requirements Italian LS. Take it easy, enjoy everything, chat a lot, have a lot of fun, and if you can meet up for a couple of beers ^^. Italian FFXI community website that host our forum:

Leader Sollid
Sack Holders Lordmacbeth, Misfit, Bonez, Dretz, Zelll
Requirements Currently a LS getting off the ground. Open membership (all ya have to do is ask a sackholder), no level requirements (we are all over the board and will sometimes level a sub just for the sake of a party, for the heck of it, or to help one specific person and his/her job). We have people on at all times (and when we see a time with only a few ls members on - we attempt to recruit a few more).

Leader Ithaqua
Sack Holders Vigil, Lucienne, Iceeman, Arnavel, Gathzel, Ailcear, Acen, Dragulia, Dani, Kenni are online the most.
Requirements We are looking for nice people! We also wish for members interested in participating in LS events and helping fellow members out. English LS, though about 50% of us are swedes.

Blackened Sunset
Leader Phlankx
Sack Holders Tregan, Gandu, Suhag, basically anyone in linkshell.
Requirements We're a good bunch of guys, we help people, we love Diorama Abdjal(w/e)-Ghelshba (Basically ballista in general), and we all hope to get to 75 over the summer of 2005 .^^

Leader Mornamarth
Sack Holders Um... 90% of the current memebers.
Requirements Friendly players that want the LS to continue, even if they can't play 24/7 and/or want to be in another LS as well.

Leader Balthisar
Sack Holders Lostarot, Kaiser, Majikstx
Requirements Found on the site.

Leader Farn
Sack Holders Aaronn, Heero, Farn, I think almost everyone.
Requirements A Japanese linkshell, so you need to speak the language.

Leader Siegfreid
Sack Holders None yet
Requirements No level or job restrictions, just be Canadian or want to hang out with Canadians. I really want to get this thing going so if you’re interested /tell Siegfreid or drop a message.

Team Diva
Leader Bethany & Farmboy
Sack Holders Bethany, Farmboy, Redblaze, Akasha, Fadedred, Ritsuko, (few more, I forget >.<)
Requirements Helpful & Friendly.

Leader Tassye
Sack Holders Dreyvin, Healer, Dschnieder, Gaprat, Aischling, Lyraph
Requirements Our LS was brought up on old friendships, but we've seen our share of friends leave. We're looking for some people to start anew, so that me and Tassye don't end up alone by ourselves. Everyone is welcome.

Leader Femtos
Sack Holders Pandaemonium, Duc, Mav, Jaboo, Trung
Requirements Must be a dedicaded bst. The all bst LS formly known as Elysium has been reformed under a new leader. /tell killabaldes or one of the sack holders for a pearl. all bst are welcome. website is up, please check it.

Leader Melkuur
Sack Holders Melkuur, Xellana, Ceciltaru, Zendak, Pyriel, Onijiro, and a bunch of others.
Requirements friendly, helpful, same as everyone else.

The Gutuatri
Leader Scathach
Sack Holders Ditzyblacksheep,Telrant,Kazechan.
Requirements we are looking for some new members, please send a /tell to any of the sack holders to apply. We are a very friendly LS and are always helping each other and others when able to.

Leader Endymion
Sack Holders Aliane, Anelira, Cateran, Durin, Fidemea, Loken, Vanthalas, Zikaru
Requirements Just have a good attitude and being willing to help because there will always be those here willing to help in return. We're mainly 60+ but we welcome all lvls. ^^

Leader Farathin
Sack Holders Farathin, Sweetangel, Elfinna, Dezmordius, Wilko
Requirements Please contact Farathin or Sweetangel for application process.

Leader Vagicanician
Sack Holders Nitsuki, Pulsedriver, Horolsboro, Terrii, Sesar, Ensane, Musicgamer
Requirements FUN ONLY!! Be there to help and have fun in optional events.

Divine Intervention
Leader CovenantKing
Sack Holders Zephyrulk, Boomslang, Covenantking, Jaqual, Miyachan, Erikthecleric
Requirements This is a Christian LS. Nobody is required to be a christian to join in fact all are welcome but you must respect the views and beliefs of the other members. Obscene language not tolerated other than that its great healthy environment to be in and we certainly welcome anybody that enjoys the same.

Leaders Tetsu, Casafrass
Sack Holders Pretty much all :)
Requirements Be helpful and nice, and have fun doing mission and quests together. :)

Leader Ckye
Sack Holders Whar, Shilohgrimm, Maxherbert, Daveanna, Froze
Requirements This is a linkshell that likes to be crazy and have fun. All are welcome. ^^

Leader Jeru
Sack Holders Rantu, Meynard, Marik, Kiyo
Requirements Have fun. You can curse and be offensive, but the most important rule is don't take anything seriously.

Leader Berrima
Sack Holders Spira, Whitemist
Requirements All summoner linkshell, have to be summoner as main. Help each other out in avatar fights, missions, items like carby mitts AF etc.

Leader Bolverk
Sack Holders Entei, Epiphanie, Feliciti, Greenmonkey, Tzellwe

Those Who Stand
Leaders Tallen and in absentia, Kiya
Sack Holders Kiya, Styre, Leonstrife, Cyrill, Acidrain, Kylon, Peteywheatstraw, Unborn, Llryan, Zeep, Saeki
Requirements This linkshell has been around for about 18 months now and the core of the shell is still the same. We are mostly adults who just like to play. Be nice, friendly, and willing to help out. Don't spam about stuff you can look up yourself. Many levels with core group 60 and up.

Leader Mayuro
Sack Holders Everyone
Requeriments You have to live in America Latina and talk Spanish

Leader Meribela
Sack Holders 0
Requirements NOT a Linkshell for general social chatting, quests, missions, crafts, etc. It is a LS for learning about gameplay and game mechanics through testing.

Leader Decker
Sack Holders Brantaru, Gades, Trixi, Vodevil, Zenogias

Leader Tyrian
Sack Holders Kiine, Ninani, Eliteranger, Taipan
Requirements Be friendly, be helpful. The linkshell is our home and it's members are our family. More details on what we expect from our members can be found in the Charter on the website.

Vana'Diel's Bushido
Leader Raidyn
Sack Holders Tanosis, Nicoli, Chezza
Requirements Be willing to help others, Have fun and dont be a jerk.

Leader Amilea
Sack Holders Liarin
Requirements Must have a sense of humor. Be willing to have fun and help each other out.

Leader Alison
Sack Holders Willowkarr, Brodie, Dkrchris, Kammy, Jumpingtaru, Siegg, Doma, Siekarr, Zowl, Ubaro, Foxx, and Petru.
Requirements Have Thumbs and be ready to have fun. However we can't really tell if you have Thumbs or not, so I guess you could lie about that. =P

Leader Pesh
Sack Holders Falcor, Eliseth, Feiht, Rioka, AppleJ, Frostbite, Cherry, Elleandra, Bethany.
Requirements Found on the site.

Leader Reddpill
Sack Holders Orenshi, Lakei, Hater, Evilrsmkii
Requirements no particular requirement (per character basis)

Leader Lokiking
Sack Holders Kalebsboy, Chestersgirl, Dudoc, Rumor
Requirements Be helpful

Leader Leopectus
Sack Holders Enkidou, Lordnighthawk, Rhujaaa
Requirements Don't be mean. Be helpful to each other and everyone in need.

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#2 Apr 24 2005 at 1:13 PM Rating: Excellent
151 posts
You can add to our information.
#3 Apr 24 2005 at 5:23 PM Rating: Excellent
110 posts
hey mate,

Thanks for keeping this thread up, must be hard work indeed.

There has been a change in some of the information for TheBloodguard

Sackholders Kurohi,Beowyf,Maggus,Zaryun,Sorin,cheleborn

Requirements All lvls all races welcome. Must be nice and get along with people and help out, sense of humour essential !
Guild loyalty is we prefer members to make it there home and not switch between other guilds unless; other language,Synthing or HNML/Dynamis type guilds.

also have great quiz nights ^^

forum at

hope the requiments is not to long mate, feel free to edit it to your standards if there are any problems.

keep up the great work.


Edited, Sun Apr 24 18:24:30 2005 by bloodbathrich
#4 Apr 24 2005 at 5:43 PM Rating: Good
112 posts
Gwennslovelyls has been renamed to GLLS and the leader is Fsst.
Thanks, Boog
#5 Apr 24 2005 at 7:30 PM Rating: Excellent
356 posts
DVAS(Deadly Viper Assassination Squad)
Leader: Minona
Sack Holders: Draugue, Tahkuyne, Mirror, Aurani, Xplicitone, Markos, Baltrius, Keal
Requirements: Don't be shy or a jerk. We try anything if you only ask.
#6 Apr 24 2005 at 10:58 PM Rating: Decent
Thank you! Updated. ^_^
#7 Apr 25 2005 at 8:06 AM Rating: Excellent
1,701 posts
Anviel and Lenelle are no longer in the game. Crafty can be added in their place. I'm too lazy to get a complete list since it seems to change every week.
#8 Apr 25 2005 at 9:19 AM Rating: Excellent
788 posts

Leader: Amalasan
Sacks: Zafirah, Sephiros, Grizzleox
Requirements: /tell Amalasan
#9 Apr 25 2005 at 9:35 AM Rating: Decent
#10 Apr 25 2005 at 12:23 PM Rating: Excellent
89 posts
PF still isn't listed. T.T And I even posted on the original thread. T.T Oh well -- I'll post again. hehe

Linkshell - PhoenixFire (used to be AzureTwilight)
Shellholder - Joishi (used to be Frusciante)
Sackholders - Mendoza, Gloriousanthem, Dorizoku, Kaizoku, Natas, Aranthel, Faxanadude

Requirements - Must be a Bastok Citizen. Other than that, just to have fun with us.

Current membership - ~10-15 regulars, ~5 currently having connection issues (but plan on returning as soon as they can), ~10 occasional

Levels - from 1-75..
#11 Apr 25 2005 at 2:49 PM Rating: Excellent
1,410 posts
One comment as to the LS ChildrenOfSin:

I'm no longer a member (Grommet), and Upitupi (the leader of that LS) and I both are members of another listed LS, Axiom.

I believe ChildrenOfSin still has some members, but I for one left because WoW defections had taken it down to only 4 members or so. No hard feelin's ^^
#12 Apr 25 2005 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent

Sorry Joi...don't know how I missed you. T_T

And thanks for the info Grommet. I removed ChildrenOfSin from the list, since I don't have enough information on it now. If any remaining members want to update me on its status, I'll relist it.
#13 Apr 26 2005 at 2:55 PM Rating: Decent
Incidentally, if any of y'all would like to see this thread stickied, you can help by going to Forum System Feedback and requesting it. I'd do it myself, but the admins don't like self-nominated sticky requests. ^_^
#14 Apr 26 2005 at 3:13 PM Rating: Excellent
724 posts
LS : Fiery
leader: Silversnake
Sackholder: Hotmama, Greatbud, Haunted, Kawabara (yeah if you by any chance like "accidently" kills him, you could make 50k^^), Tetsu and others :)
Requiresment: same like others, nice people, help people when they ask for help:) and like above need "accidently" kills kawa;)

#15 Apr 26 2005 at 3:33 PM Rating: Decent
#16 Apr 26 2005 at 8:18 PM Rating: Excellent
944 posts
Congrats on getting the sticky. ^^
#17 Apr 27 2005 at 9:40 AM Rating: Excellent
Leader [Yellow]
Sack holders:[/Yellow] none currently
Requirements: [Yellow]
Friendly people, and also I want people who will have respect for each other and for the ls. People who are ready to help each other and able to have a good time and a joke and also who will take ls seriously. Lv 65+ and if u have sky that would be great but if not ok.
#18 Apr 27 2005 at 10:37 AM Rating: Decent

Woohoo! Thank you for the sticky! ^_^
#19 Apr 27 2005 at 11:35 AM Rating: Good
2,110 posts
Digitialbackspin's Website
Relic Scythe Finished
Aegis Currency Finished
Drk Job Profile

#20 Apr 27 2005 at 11:40 AM Rating: Excellent
1,153 posts
leader Trobli
Sack Holders Gregorik
Requirements Be helpful and nice
Funny Facebook statuses

dad jokes

#21 Apr 27 2005 at 6:57 PM Rating: Excellent
Im not a sack holder to BritishGeezers please change it.
Thank you
#22 Apr 28 2005 at 12:50 AM Rating: Decent
#23 Apr 29 2005 at 1:51 PM Rating: Excellent
35 posts
Leader: Elomendl
Sackholders: Alexivar, Dawnie, Drev, Omner, Nekolas
Requirements: RevX is primarily a social linkshell. We are interested in the advancement of our members and the overall fun of the game. LS events are usually scheduled loosely, but we try to include anyone we can. Rank 4, 5 and above have been our main events to do, with most of our members now at rank 5 or above. Promyvions and quests also occupy our repetoire. Average lvl of our players is 40ish, with a many members higher (50-70s) and a few members lower (lvl 1 and up). We have no requirements on lvl to be included in the shell, and the more experienced players are always willing to at least give their advice to others in the shell.

We're looking for people who enjoy the game, enjoy the company of some people to talk to, and don't mind helping out from time to time if they can.

#24 Apr 30 2005 at 3:37 AM Rating: Decent

I'm going to start erasing old update stamps, leaving only the past 5 updates. Otherwise there'll be a big long chunk of update stamps at the end of the list. I hope no one minds. ^_^
#25 Apr 30 2005 at 8:24 AM Rating: Excellent
67 posts
Leader : Reega
Sack holder : Everyone
Requirement : Don't be mean, don't buy gil or be gil seller, and this is a eng/jp speaking ls, our leader is a jp and he is very nice.

Edited, Sat Apr 30 09:51:09 2005 by Yuusl
#26 Apr 30 2005 at 1:07 PM Rating: Decent
Updated...this last post made me happy. ^_^
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