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FFXI General Troubleshooting FAQ - By Kaolian Drachensborn

This FAQ is designed to be a comprehensive document covering all aspects of troubleshooting FFXI. If you are having trouble with FFXI, please take a look at this before you post. It?s not a magic troubleshooting bullet, but it should help. If you see something you would like added, please e-mail me at

I. Before you buy
a. Hardware TNL
b. Minimum specifications
II. Installation.
a. Why won?t my @#$%^ computer install file XXXX?
III. Error codes
IV. Other common problems
V. Hardware.
VI. Router settings.
VII. Dial up Troubleshooting
VIII. The higher screen resolution registry hack.

Other sections to be added as needed

I. Before you buy
FFXI is a fairly demanding game from a hardware perspective. It uses an advanced rendering engine to load complex 3d models using less ram than earlier game, but this advancement comes at a price. The FFXI engine makes use of a technology called Hardware Texture aNd Lighting (TNL), which loads shading, texture graphics and lighting effects (lense flares, etc) very fast. The problem is, it does not work on older graphics cards, or many laptop cards. There are many cards that do work, and many that don?t, so rather than listing all cards here, I?ll just list a few of the major ones that have issues:
Intel extreme graphics
Any voodoo cards
Nvidia or ATI cards older than 2 years

Minimum specifications:
Windows 98/98SE/2000/XP with Direct X 8.1.
Pentium III 800MHz
128MB RAM,
32 mb graphics card with an Ati or Nvidia chipset
CD-ROM player
56k modem

Recommended Specifications
Pentium IV
64MB video RAM,
4.5GB hard disk
32x CD-Rom drive

You will also need the most up-to-date Windows updates, including at least DirectX 8.1 (9.0b is probably a better option though)
Macintosh and Linux are currently not supported.

II. Installation

Square enix released FFXI with a particularly brutal copy protection package on the CD, composed of purposefully introduced errors and weak sectors. This makes them virtually unreadable on many cd-burners and fast DVD drives. Later disks released in the U.S. have had this issue toned down, but if you end up with one of the early disks, you will have problems. Oftentimes it will fail on one particular file, over and over for no apparent reason. There are a few ways around this.
First, try copying the entire contents of the CD to your hard drive, then run the installation from there. This may still fail on a particular file. If that happens, try copying that file to a friends computer, then move it over via disk or network.
If that won?t work, try using an older cd rom drive. Older drives are less precise and slower, usually bad traits, but in this case it may allow the drive to ignore the errors.

If all that does not work, you can attempt to find an older copy of clonecd that has the ?weak sector amplification? feature, then burn a copy. Several people have had success with this method, however finding clonecd may be difficult. Also, be aware that there are several viruses out there that mask themselves as clonecd on popular file transfer programs?

III Error codes
System error during registration of credit card ? check and see if your computer clock time is off by a significant amount

0008 ? signal lost on idle character ? this seems to be very rare, and a restart usually fixes
0011 ? error often seen by Comcast users ? switch ISP if it continues (annoying, I know)
0019 ? server down
0033 ? server down error ?also sometimes occurs to Comcast users.
0205 ? error during patch ? rare, no known fix.
0250 ? error during patch ? update router firmware. Also possibly server issue.
1153 ? Connection issue to update server. To fix, update the firmware on your router
1155 ? Update server down
1160 ? Update server down
1161 ? Internet connection lost message ? often caused by viruses
1162 ? patch error- update router software
1164 ? installation issue occurring in computers with over 1gb ram before Playonline patch ? to bypass, remove some ram temporarily.
1305 ? Installation error again ? see fixes above
1311 ? Installation error, see above
1334 ? SSL error during registration. Usually due to a server issue, but occasionally due to internet explorer settings. Clear your SSL slate under tools: internet options. If you need more instructions, let me know.
1335 ? The installation file error, see fixes above.
1403 - Server maintenance or server outage.
1607- Installation error, see above
1608 - Install LargeISEngineUpdate from
1628 ? Installation error ? see above
1647 ? installation error, see above
2001 ? Hardware TNL not detected ? usually means your video card won?t work with FFXI. Get a new one.
2003 ? Corrupted gameplay file (probably zone) to fix, uninstall and re-install ffxi
2059 ? disconnect during patching ? usually caused by virus or spyware ? Run and adaware from
2070 ? unknown connect error. No known fix at this time.
2211 - Install LargeISEngineUpdate from
3100 ? connection issue, misrouted packets ? sometimes experienced by verizon users
3101 ? Server issue
3113 - 1. Open Network in Control Panel and select ""Add.""
2. From Network Components, select ""Client"" and then ""Add.""
3. From Network Client, select ""Manufacturer: Microsoft"" and ""Network Client: Microsoft Network Client"" and select ""OK"" to start installing.
4. Restart your PC and run FINAL FANTASY XI.
3203 ? server issue
3206 ? Server issue
3324 ? corrupt zone file. Delete zone and repatch. If that fails, uninstall and reinstall FFXI
3332 ? Server down
4001 ? UDP ports are being blocked. Change your firewall, or contact your internet service provider to get this fixed.
20008002 ? desktop not set to 32 bit color depth. Usually a screwed up driver, or sometimes a desktop stuck on 16 bit.

IV. Other common problems

Make sure your drivers are all patched and your windows updates are up to date
If windows 2000 is laggy in game, install service pack 3 and 4

If you seem to be locking up upon entering new graphics areas, like going in a mog house, etc, try seeing if you have extra device drivers that you don?t need by running Driver cleaner
If you lock up regularly, or disconnect, you probably have a virus. Scan for viruses using an online scanner such as Also run lavasoft?s ad-aware from
If your computer is running slow, try a disk defragmentation. Will speed up load times considerably.
Other common causes of lockup and bluescreens can include running out of ram. Run msconfig from Start:Run:msconfig . click on the startup tab, then see if there are any unnecessary programs running at startup (quicktime, real player, winamp, things like that.)
If all else fails, reinstall directx 9.0b. If that doesn?t work, reinstall windows

VI. Hardware

There comes a time when you run out of things to check. You have reinstalled, cleaned, defragmented and re-patched, to no avail. What now? You could be the victim of a hardware issue.

The first thing to look for is heat. If you are running ffXI, you should have a bare minimum of 2 fans in your case. More is better. If you are having lockup issues, try removing the side of your case and placing a large fan blowing into the side of your case. If this fixes the issue, you need more fans. Case fans are extremely inexpensive and easy to install, so if you have more fan slots, go get some right now. No, I mean now. Why are you still reading this?

Also check for dust buildup inside the case. Even a very thin layer of dust can dramatically increase the heat buildup in your computer.

Another thing you can do to make your system more stable is to install a heat spreader on all your ram chips. These beauties are worth their weights in gold. They look like this:
You can find them at most computer building stores, and there are several different types out there. Compusa carries them, Best buy usually does not.

Bluescreen errors:
Bluescreen errors usually come in two types when playing computer games; Ram, or video card. The vast majority of them are driver issues, but bad ram does happen. The easiest thing to do here to check these problems out is to just swap the memory or video card out. See if you can borrow a friends card. If that is not an option, post the exact bluescreen error here and we can usually try and get it sorted out

VI. Router settings.

Make sure the following ports are open on your router/firewall:
-TCP 25, 80, 110, 443 or 50000 - 65535
-UDP 50000 - 65535

Known supported routers:
Most newer linksys models, older models will need a firmware revision
Most d-link routers
Most netgear routers

Will include more information here as it becomes available.

VII. Dial up troubleshooting.

Some v90 modems have difficulty receiving the type of data packets that we send. Try using a non-v90 connection to your ISP, if it is available. Otherwise, try lowering the speed of your modem connection for more stability. Do this by right clicking on your "My Computer" icon and select "Properties" from the menu. Click on the Device Manager tab and open the Modem section. Select the Modem tab, and set the Maximum speed to 57600 (or 38400 if it was already set to 57600), then click OK.
If your modem is an external modem, in addition to the above change, open the Ports (COM&LPT) section of the Device Manager and double click on the port listed for your modem. Switch to the Port Settings tab and set the "Bits per Second" to at least 57600 (default is 9600) and the Flow Control to Hardware (default is xon/xoff). Click OK and reboot your computer.
If you have a "software" or "win" modem, this may also be the source of the problem. Software-based modems can cause numerous connectivity problems, not just in our game but also in general. The reason is because the CPU is being used to "pump" the data in a software modem, as well as its other calculations. When playing a game, the CPU may not be able to make the necessary game calculations AND transmit data. We strongly recommend against using them and if you have one, we suggest that you purchase or acquire a hardware-based modem.
Also, you can have your local phone company check your phone lines for signal noise by asking for a "56k Quality Test". Your local phone company should provide this test at no charge. Excessive signal noise can cause a disruption in the data flow, which in turn would affect your connection to our servers.

Specific Problems for AOL Users
Some AOL users will experience problems logging into FFXI. Make sure you are using the Master AOL Login and that you are minimizing AOL after connecting.
AOL uses a timing system that will disconnect users after about 40 minutes of browser inactivity. An easy way to get around this is by typing the phrase "smile4u" in the KEYWORDS section of the AOL program.

VIII. The higher screen resolution registry hack.

DISCLAIMER: This is usefull primarily for laptops that run in a higher than 1024 x 768 resolution LCD screen by default. Only attempt this if you are confident in your computer skills. And make a backup first. Not responsable for fried computers resulting from botched registry jobs.

1.) The Tweak - Credit to YST at IGN

The FFXI config utility allows you to set your 'background resolution' at up to 1024x1024.
Changing a key in your registry, you can set it to 2048x2048. For many, the improvement is tremendous, often with not much performance hit, but your milage will naturally vary. This is worthwhile particularly because most people are reporting that FSAA is doing nothing for them in FFXI. This is in a sense a way to force a kind of FSAA Supersampling (simplest form of AA).

2.) The Method


Simple Method:

Run one of the reg files I've created and hosted here containing the new hex values for the reg keys in question,
to automatically install the new values to the registry and set the according texture res:

Sets background res to 2048x2048
Sets background res to 1792x1792
Sets background res to 1536x1536
Sets background res to 1280x1280

Additionally, I had someone in a previous thread request a value BETWEEN the 512x512 and 1024x1024 values listed in the config util, as their system couldn't quite handle the supported 1024x1024 resolution, but nor did the next step down in the config util, 512x512, satisfy them. If you want that, here it is:

Sets background res to 768x768

Additionally, I had someone in a previous thread request a value BETWEEN the 512x512 and 1024x1024 values listed in the config util, as their system couldn't quite handle the supported 1024x1024 resolution, but nor did the next step down in the config util, 512x512, satisfy them. If you want that, here it is:

Sets background res to 768x768


Manual Method (registry hackers only)

i) Open the Registry Editor.
ii) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPlayOnlineUSSquareEnixFinalFantasyXI
iii) Change values for the keys '003' and '004' to hex values equivalent to the desired resolution in decimal. For
example, a resolution of 2048x2048 means you want both of the keys 003 and 004 to equal decimal value 2048, which is 800 in hex.

NOTE: 800 (i.e., 2048x2048) is the highest value supported by the engine, PERIOD, and any acceptable value MUST be a multiple of 100. The engine will just crash if you try anything else.

Hope that helps!

Special thanks to:
Darkflame - for the good idea and the Sticky
MoogleStiltzkin - for the suggestions
Illia & Allakhazam - for providing the tech support forum

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Edit notes - 3/8/2004 Added several sections, adjusted formatting.

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Origionally posted by djdanlib here:;mid=1089735902216382834;num=58;page=1


Registry keys can be changed without exiting PlayOnline Viewer.

H - DWORD (2 Hexadecimal words, meaning 4 places of hex allowing 0000-FFFF or decimal 0 - 65,536; assuming unsignedness)
B - Binary (1=yes/on, 0=no/off)
S - String

Name Type Default Description
0000 H 0
MIP Mapping (0=disabled, 1=enabled) Further raises blur textures more times - no noticeable differences after 6 or so.

0001 H 640
Display mode width (X)[/pre]
Config queries DirectX for possible modes

0002 H 480
Display mode height (Y)
Config queries DirectX for possible modes

0003 H 512
3D width (X)
Config program gives choice between 256, 512, 1024 and sets equal to key 0004.
Maximum is 2048, minimum is 1

0004 H 512
3D height (Y)
Config program gives choice between 256, 512, 1024 and sets equal to key 0003.
Maximum is 2048, minimum is 1

0007 H 1
Sound: 0=Disabled, 1=Enabled

0011 H 1
Environmental Animation: 0=Off, 1=Normal, 2=Smooth
Further raises do not enhance animation quality.

0017 H 0
Bump mapping: 0=Disabled, 1=Enabled
Further raises do not enhance bump mapping quality.

0018 H 1
Texture compression: 0=High, 1=Low, 2=Uncompressed
Other values are apparently ignored and the engine defaults back to 2.

0019 H 1
Map compression: 0=Compressed, 1=Uncompressed
Other values are apparently ignored and the engine defaults back to 1.

0020 H 1
***FUNCTION UNKNOWN - does not appear to affect main menu screens

0021 H 0
Enable hardware mouse cursor: 1=Yes, 0=No

0022 H 1
Show opening movie: 1=Yes, 0=No

0023 H 0
Simplified character creation visuals: 1=Yes, 0=No

0024 H 0
***FUNCTION UNKNOWN - does not appear to affect main menu screen

0028 H 0
Gamma Base: 0x3f800000 = 1.0, 0 = 0.0, 0xbf800000 = -1.0

0029 H 12
Maximum sounds: Config pgm allows 12-20

0030 H 0
***FUNCTION UNKNOWN - does not appear to affect main menu screen

0031 H 0x3bc49ba6
***FUNCTION UNKNOWN - does not appear to affect main menu screen

bFirst B 00
***FUNCTION UNKNOWN - does not appear to affect main menu screen

padmode000 S 0,0,0,0
Enable Gamepad, Force Feedback, Slider, Hat Switches

padsin000 S ?
Button-function association.
Values are base-0 while button numbers are base-1 in config program, so convert appropriately

padsin000 places/buttons:
1. Toggle Auto-Run
2. Macro Palette A (Ctrl)
3. Change View
4. Macro Palette B (Alt)
5. Heal / Lock Target
6. Cancel
7. Main Menu
8. Select/Confirm
9. Active Window / Window Options
10. Hide Menus
11. Operate menus with movement controls
12. Operate camera with movement controls
13. PlayOnline
14-25. Function unknown ???
26. Screenshot


Hex Table
Hex-to-Decimal table for display modes:
128 = 80
160 = A0
224 = E0
240 = F0
256 = 100
320 = 140
360 = 168
384 = 180
400 = 190
450 = 1C2
480 = 1E0
512 = 200
524 = 20C
576 = 240
640 = 280
720 = 2D0
768 = 300
800 = 320
864 = 360
960 = 3C0
1024= 400
1080= 438
1152= 480
1200= 4B0
1280= 500
1344= 540
1392= 570
1440= 5A0
1536= 600
1600= 640
1792= 700
1800= 708
1856= 740
1920= 780
2048= 800

Other Hex Conversions
The Windows Calculator does this type of conversion. It always has, since Windows 3.1 to the best of my recollection. Click View-Scientific to put it into Scientific mode, then select "Dec", enter a number, and click "Hex" to see its hexadecimal equivalent.

Inputting Decimal into DWords in Regedit
On XP Pro, and maybe others, you can input decimal values into the Edit dialog by selecting the Decimal radio button.

Common Resolutions
Using those values, you can easily come up with the values for the following common display modes and background resolutions: 256x256, 320x240, 400x300, 512x512, 512x384, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1024x1024, 1152x864, 1280x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1792x1344, 1800x1440, 1920x1080 (1080i HDTV), 1920x1200, 1920x1440, 2048x1536, and 2048x2048.

Note: Make sure your video card and monitor can handle a display mode before setting it.

Aspect Ratios and You
CRT monitors and regular televisions should use a ratio of 4:3 for the horizontal:vertical display resolution. If you have an HDTV or a wide display, check the specifications of your display to see what works best for it. Don't try something funky if it's not right for your display, because your graphics, text and UI will be skewed. Square intended for squares to be squares, no pun intended.

If you have a 16x9 display, try 640x360, 800x450, 1024x576, or 1280x720. Or, take the desired width, multiply by 9, and divide by 16 to get the height.

Unsupported Mode = Silent Exit
If an improper 3D height or width is set, FFXI will appear to enter full-screen mode briefly and quit back to PlayOnline without an error message.

1x1 Possible!
Yes, it is possible to have a 1x1 background resolution. Why you'd want to do this (or really, anything below 256x256) is beyond me, since you only get a solid block of color.

Graphics Enhancement via MIP Mapping
A lot of people really like the way FFXI looks when MIP mapping (key 0000) is set to 4. Give it a try. Distant textures will be lower resolution and blurred more, reducing the need for anisotropic texture filtering and thus allowing you to speed up your game by tweaking your graphics card's settings. It also (IMO) improves the appearance of distant textures, and eliminates the horrendous flickering. If you like the effect but think it's a bit too strong, downgrade to 3 or even 2. The flickering will be present at 2, and barely noticeable at 3.

Note: You may need more than 64MB of graphics memory to do this.

Bump Mapping: Good or Evil?
I prefer to leave bump mapping off, since I get a nice realistic afterglow after sunset and that nice look before sunrise, and the sunup/sundown lighting change isn't as abrupt and distracting. I haven't really noticed much of a difference otherwise. Your mileage may vary. This supposedly impacts performance somehow, but my system is a bit too fast to measure its impact reliably.

Performance Improvement
Set your background resolution (0003 and 0004) the same as your display resolution (0001 and 0002). The performance improvement might be noticeable.

Also, see the above point on MIP Mapping. Increase the level of MIP Mapping and lower your graphics card's texture filtering quality and amount to get better performance.

Turning off bump mapping may improve performance as well.

Fake Antialiasing
You can set a higher resolution for your background than the display mode. Doing this will force your graphics card to downsample the image, which will do a weighted average on nearby pixels thus blurring pixels whose neighbors are not the same color. In layman's terms: You'll get simple antialiasing by setting your background resolution (0003 and 0004) higher than your display resolution (0001 and 0002).

Differential Resolution
This is the technical term for having a different resolution on your menus and your background. For example, 400x300 background and 800x600 display mode. Don't do this. Your eyes and head will get really irritated.


That's all for now, folks. Like it? Got suggestions? Good! This took a LOT of work to format and update for the forum, since it was all tabbed nicely with set stops and all that.
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