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#1 Jun 22 2004 at 11:15 AM Rating: Good
I currently enjoy the MMORPG genre very much but i'm having a hard time choosing which new game to go too. It's tough buying a new game for 50 bucks when if it's a MMORPG there's no resale value and if you hate it you're just outa luck.

My current game is FFXI which is driving me insane. If you havn't tried it here's a synopsis: At level one you fight a bunny, at level 10 you fight flies. At level 30 you fight flies and at level 60 you're fighting the same crabs and bunnies you did 40-50 levels ago. They have the EXACT same character models. Even the dungeon orcs and goblins have the same character models from level 1 to 75...
There is no immersion in the game, I enjoyed that about everquest when i played it when it first came out. Even though it took forever to level up in everquest, it still felt like you accomplished something or you explored a tiny bit of the world. There was also interesting or pointless dropped loot that just added in the immersion. If something had a weapon on it, then it dropped that weapon when it died.
The problems with immersion combined with the fact that they released the game a year and a half earlier in Japan and didn't split the servers from NA and Japan created huge problems that i won't go into.

-------Rant over-----
So, what i'm interested in is Immersion, the game must be fun and exciting. If i get bored playing a GAME, then it's over as well. If i can watch TV or read a book while I play a game then it's over as well.

So, what does eq2 have to offer? I've heard some good things about the combat system, I really don't care about the graphics as long as the game's fun.
I know every MMORPG has it's flaws, there are just some i can live with more than others. Immersion is one of those I can't live without.


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#2 Jun 29 2004 at 10:08 AM Rating: Decent
Hi, you. If you are gonna play EQ 2 and if you are as hungry as me... maybe we can talk a little. MSN =
#3 Jul 11 2004 at 4:38 PM Rating: Good
EQII seems to be a very immersive game. Some examples that were being tossed around during promotional interviews included:

- NPCs that will actually walk up to you and offer qusts based on your standings (level, previous accomplishments, etc.)

- As you travel through one of the towns, there is a wizard school. There is a group of students outside that react to the teacher whenever he walks in front of them, and goof off when he's not around. Little things like that can really suck you in to the world.

- Actual voices for every NPC. Not that big of a draw to people like myself that will probably just read the text and click "next" before they finish talking, but some will find it very entertaining.

And don't forget all the lore that the franchise is known for. I also found FFXI to be lacking in terms of immersion. Though the "storyline" wasn't bad, it really just didnt't draw me in that much. That coupled with the limited number of playable races caused me to stop playing.
#4 Jul 29 2004 at 9:18 AM Rating: Good
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More examples :

- Girl chasing her cat in qeynos.
- Freeport militia walking through the street of Qeynos.

There's also gonna be something like 140+ monster models at release iirc (around that anyways).

The big problem in FFXI is that it just makes no sense fighting anything else then beetles or crabs. The other monster types have specials that are too powerful, and some are just much stronger then a same lvl beetle that you'd best avoid them (think raptors). This is just a side-effect of the xp system based solely on monster lvl vs. your level.

I think the biggest thing that will improve is that encounters will be your group vs. a monster group instead of being your group vs one monster. So fighting say 3 warrior orcs, 1 priest and 1 beast with them is gonna be different then 5 warrior orcs. I'm hoping this turns out to make it awesome.

Also, groups will be on the move in EQ2 for maximum efficiency. Move in dungeon, pick a fight, carry on deeper. A group on the move in FFXI is totally suicidal, everything links and agros in the dungeons, and the monsters are too close together.
#5 Aug 06 2004 at 4:19 PM Rating: Decent
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are you serious group on group for realz I need that!!!!
I was planning on trying out EQ2 just cause i will be cool to have character that can acually be new and exciting /i will be level 10 the first day! Haha everyone will be level 1 and ill be 12 =P instead of me level 3 ---> everyone else 75 /cry, FFX1 WHY OH WHY I like the mixing of cultures BUT ever buy a used RPG and start on a finished file where everything was already DONE, gets old pretty fast.......
#6 Aug 13 2004 at 9:09 AM Rating: Decent
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Here's a good link to alot of the EQII sites.

#8 Sep 17 2004 at 1:01 AM Rating: Decent
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From what i have been reading about EQ2, the days of sitting there punching a hotkey over and over again during battle while you watch tv is over. The combat system seems to be alot more complex and timing is everything, so you have to really pay attention. But i am not a tester so what i know only comes from other people, i would really like to see an .avi/.mov of various classes actully in combat, showing the interface and new fighting/combat system, not just the special effects. If anyone has a link to a clip like that please post it if you can.
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